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How Vendor Collaboration Makes Child Exploitation Investigations Stronger

Over the last few months, you might have noticed the string of announcements we made around new partnerships, integrations, and/or ingestions with other vendors’ products in our space. It’s all part of the “toolbox” approach we take, recognizing that no one vendor can do all things.

Instead, we’re all better and stronger when we can focus on our core strengths, but complement them by integrating the core strengths of other tools. As a result:

  • You don’t have to categorize every single child abuse picture or video you find; just compare their hashes against those in Project VIC and CAID—and let Griffeye and Semantics 21 help you with the rest.
  • There’s no need to build databases of P2P users and hash images from scratch; CRC’s Child Protection System did that.
  • We don’t have to spend countless hours of engineering time to try to replicate the way GrayKey already cracks an iOS device passcode.
  • Our integration of the Volatility Framework gives you access to critical data from a running computer’s memory, an easy way to rely on the Volatility team’s collective years of experience with memory analysis.

These all follow on our integration with Griffeye Analyze DI last year. Then, Griffeye CEO Johann Hofmann wrote:

It’s my belief that this collaborative and integrated approach that helps teams move through their cases quickly is as important as building great tools in the first place. I’ve witnessed that first-hand while working with Project VIC and our friends at Magnet Forensics. With an open approach to helping each other and ultimately the users for the greater good, I’ve seen how building seamless and automatic integration between technologies really sets a new standard. Letting investigators tell a complete evidence story and uncover the truth. Ultimately, that’s what it’s all about.   

Curious about how it all works together? Download our e-book that describes how to use AXIOM to facilitate a smooth workflow for child exploitation investigations. In addition to describing how to preload data sets and combine multiple data sources, we also describe how each of our integrations helps you to find, categorize, and review the pictures, chat history, emails, videos, and other artifacts in a much shorter period of time than a traditional file system analysis would otherwise allow. Check it out here!

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