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Magnet AXIOM Now Offers Enhanced Integration with Project VIC and Semantics 21

We’re excited to announce a new technology integration between Magnet AXIOM and the Semantics 21 (S21) suite of solutions, LASERⓘ-P and LASERⓘ-V, for AI-enabled picture and video categorization.

The integration means that users of AXIOM and S21 will be able to enhance their digital forensics analysis and save time reviewing, categorizing and reporting on child sexual abuse material (CSAM) that hasn’t yet been categorized in databases such as Project VIC and the U.K.’s Child Abuse Image Database (CAID).

Investigative teams can now seamlessly:

  • Automate image and video categorization to reduce the risk of human error.
  • Process, analyze, and categorize large sets of images, animations, and videos in real time.
  • Let machine learning do the heavy lifting of analyzing abuse-related imagery with Magnet.AI and S21 AI.
  • Identify victims and suspects using S21’s streamlined performance and advanced proprietary algorithms.
  • Share integrated AXIOM and LASERⓘ findings with other investigators and stakeholders.

How Does the AXIOM-LASERⓘ Integration Work?

You can define your own workflows, whether you’re a forensic examiner or a media analyst:

Step 1

In AXIOM, process evidence from computers, mobile devices, cloud accounts, and other media to find relevant artifacts. After adding processing details like keywords and hashes or hash lists, carve pictures and videos out of any unstructured data; use Magnet.AI to detect child exploitation pictures, videos, and chats; and filter pictures and videos by date, size and timestamp to find the most relevant for the case. Then, export categorized and/or uncategorized images or videos in an XML file formatted for LASERⓘ.

Step 2

Import the AXIOM-generated XML file into LASERⓘ. Create and connect to Project VIC, CAID, or other intelligent databases to share victim-centric information, notes, tags and categorization. Deploy S21’s AI to filter evidence in real time by faces, age, nudity, visual similarity, objects, accessibility, and suspect devices’ inherent signatures.

You can also use S21’s AI against comprehensive EXIF metadata to reveal more victims and suspects, map street-level locations offline, and highlight first-generation images and videos. Finally, export XML or JSON formatted files from LASERⓘ to AXIOM, Project VIC and CAID, or other tools and intelligence databases.

One of the features that excites us most about working with S21 are their video features. You don’t need to pre-process or extract frames up front to turn videos into slide decks; you can use S21’s Flickerbook mode on import to do so instantly. You can also break videos into frames using S21’s Storyboard mode, while their Video Playback mode plays different segments of a video together on the same screen.

Step 3

Import the S21 LASERⓘ-categorized data back into AXIOM to process the new categorizations and other changes. Here’s where you can use Connections in AXIOM to see the relationship of one artifact to other artifacts, storage media, and/or users—details that you can pull from the categorized data to generate a list of chats, jump lists, LNK files, app cache data, and other artifacts that reference a given file. You can also define a timeline of activity to see what happened in which order, and the apps or volumes the file was opened in.

What the New Integration with S21 LASERⓘ Means

It’s a part of our overall effort to make analysis and reporting holistic—part of a streamlined workflow that requires very little effort (and therefore, more time saved) on your part.

This is important because we know that it isn’t only forensic examiners who perform this kind of work. Media analysts and sometimes even investigators join in, too, so workflows have to be as simple as possible—who wants to waste precious time learning how to navigate features?

Jad Saliba, our Founder and CTO, had this to say about the integration:

Our mission of empowering investigators to find more evidence and uncover the truth would not be possible without the ability to partner with top digital forensics vendors like Semantics 21. That they share our vision of modernizing digital forensics through technology like AI makes all the difference when it comes to ensuring our customers have a reliable standard for identifying child exploitative content.”

Dr. Liam Owens, Founder and CEO of Semantics 21, added his thoughts:

The synergy between S21 and Magnet makes this a powerful partnership. Together,  we give our customers the best investigation tools; with the fastest, most intelligent and comprehensive methods for finding and reviewing image and video evidence. Enhancing customers’ experience with two highly relied-upon tools will ultimately protect children and the public better than before. We are really pleased to link up two leading tools, AXIOM and LASERⓘ.”

Later this summer, we’ll offer a webinar to showcase the integration between Project VIC data, LASERⓘ products, and Magnet AXIOM, and how the three tools work together to save time identifying and rescuing child victims and apprehending offenders. In the meantime, try out the latest version of Magnet AXIOM to see the integration in action.

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