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Magnet Forensics and Child Rescue Coalition Integrate Technology to Help Identify and Apprehend Child Predators

As we exhibit this week at the National ICAC Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, we’re extremely honored to unveil a new technology integration. Magnet AXIOM will soon be able to ingest data from Child Rescue Coalition (CRC)’s Child Protection System (CPS), a comprehensive system that compiles and curates millions of online child predator records.

The technology integration will make it possible for your investigations to be far more proactive, identifying child predators before they can strike. By using AXIOM and CPS to gather intelligence and develop leads on the worst offenders in your community, you can make sure they stay on your radar—and perform due diligence to prove or disprove your results and ensure you’re pursuing the right suspect. In addition, the integration makes it easier for you to deconflict investigations and promote information sharing with other agencies.

Here’s How the AXIOM-CPS Integration Works

Using a streamlined workflow, CPS will allow you to target suspects based on the type and volume of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) downloaded or shared in your jurisdiction. Once a search warrant is served, you’ll use AXIOM to import the CPS file and process the seized devices. In turn, AXIOM can efficiently corroborate the peer to peer downloading activity, identifiers, and chat activity included in the CPS file, alongside the evidence from the suspect’s devices.

In addition, AXIOM can show connections between that suspect, the CSAM and any other previously unknown suspects or victims that may have come into contact with the CSAM.  You can then upload the data for the unknown suspects to CPS. This way, you’ll give investigative teams from other jurisdictions the opportunity to collaborate as you share information on other child predators.

Finally, you’ll be able to use Connections in AXIOM to demonstrate intent by cross-referencing the additional internet-based data from CPS with evidence from suspect devices. This two-step workflow is only available in AXIOM.

Here’s What the Integration Means

We anticipate that the integration of CPS’ hashes and identifiers with AXIOM’s forensic artifact carving and analysis will raise investigators’ confidence level in the evidence, and encourage collaboration and information sharing when you uncover additional evidence in a different case.

“Through Magnet Forensics and CRC’s tech integration, investigators can make sure the pre-warrant intelligence they get from CPS correlates to the evidence on the suspect’s device with AXIOM, creating a stronger case,” says William Wiltse, president of the Child Rescue Coalition. “Our goal with this technology partnership is to enable different teams to collaborate — within and beyond an investigative team’s jurisdiction — to save and protect as many children as possible by getting offenders off the street.”

“The integration of AXIOM’s analytic capabilities and the extensive catalog of criminal activities within CPS provides investigative teams the ability to track criminal activity more comprehensively than they could do previously,” says Jad Saliba, Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Magnet Forensics. “By working together Magnet Forensics and CRC have made it possible for investigators and digital forensics examiners to collaborate more efficiently on child exploitation cases, to help ensure these types of heinous crimes can never go undetected and unpunished.”

The CPS-AXIOM integration will be available to AXIOM users in the Fall of 2018. CRC and Magnet Forensics will be demonstrating the integration during the “Find More Victims, Catch More Suspects: How Creative Technology Partnerships Streamline Child Exploitation Investigations” session at 1:30 p.m. EST on June 13. If you’re not at the conference but would like to learn more, please visit our dedicated web page to request more information.

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