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New E-Book: Best Practices for Successful Child Exploitation Investigations

It isn’t uncommon for us to hear from investigators who are newly assigned to child exploitation investigations. Even with the training they need to execute a full investigation, these investigators find it challenging to get started when they face complexities such as multiple devices and storage media, multiple victims, and crimes that can stretch back years. Most of all, they contact us wanting to figure out how to get ahead of the clock to start finding offenders and rescuing children.

That’s why we’re publishing a brand-new e-book: “Successful Child Exploitation Investigations: A Magnet AXIOM Best Practices Guide.” A comprehensive guide to making AXIOM part of an efficient, repeatable workflow that can mitigate these complexities, the e-book covers what our customers reflect are the five main steps to an AXIOM-powered process:

  1. Optimize your workflow. Reduce the time you have to spend at the outset of each examination, and get to the evidence sooner by preloading data sets.
  2. Acquire and combine computer, cloud, and mobile images together. Find out how combining your data sources helps you to contextualize the full extent of the case you’re working.
  3. Find, categorize, and review evidence to choose which is most important to your case. Learn how AXIOM’s artifact analysis lets you focus on and categorize the pictures, chat history, emails, videos, and other potential sources of evidence more quickly than having to examine an entire file system.
  4. Prove intent and attribution to close cases and help prosecutors secure plea bargains and convictions. Learn how to use Connections in AXIOM to correlate memory and operating system artifacts to prove whether the suspect meant to download the illicit content, or whether “some other dude” or malware did it instead.
  5. Report results and collaborate with stakeholders. Our best practices detail how to communicate your findings with full confidence, using any one of a number of different report formats to support different stakeholders’ requirements.

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