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Magnet Forensics to Offer Enhanced Integration with Project VIC and Griffeye

Global roadshow will showcase seamless integration of Project VIC data and Griffeye categorization into Magnet AXIOM

Herndon, VA – June 6, 2017 – Magnet Forensics, a global leader in developing forensic software for smartphone and computer examinations, today announced that Magnet AXIOM, its complete digital investigation platform, will soon feature deeper integration with Griffeye and Project VIC for enhanced digital forensics analysis in child exploitation cases.

AXIOM users will soon be able to quickly add media files that have been categorized in Griffeye directly back into AXIOM for more holistic analysis and reporting. This simplified workflow will save examiners time and effort as they work to analyze and share all findings for the whole case – from categorized media files, to messages, to location and timestamped data, to system data – with investigative teams.

Media recovered from smartphones and computers is currently processed against the Project VIC hash sets in AXIOM to find known child exploitative images and content. Recovered media that was not known in the Project VIC database is exported to Griffeye Analyze DI for categorization. Once categorized, it can be difficult to pull those results back into AXIOM for reporting and sharing., Users will be able to simply import the JSON file from Griffeye and apply the categorizations, tags, and comments directly back to their evidence in AXIOM.

“It is incredibly important to Magnet Forensics that we work with the top organizations in digital forensics to help our customers find more evidence and uncover the truth. Working with a best-in-class media categorization and analysis tool like Griffeye’s Analyze DI and an organization like Project VIC that is diligently working to ensure investigators have a standard for identifying child exploitative content is a perfect opportunity to greatly benefit AXIOM customers,” said Jad Saliba, Founder and CTO of Magnet Forensics.

“There is a great need in the digital forensics space for a collaborative and integrated approach that helps teams move through their cases quickly and to make the most of their forensics toolkit investments,” said Johann Hofmann, Director and Head of Griffeye. “We are thrilled that Magnet Forensics is working with us to ensure that forensics and policing professionals can integrate Griffeye analysis seamlessly into AXIOM with minimal effort, helping them to tell a complete evidence story.”

“The amount of media that can be part of a child exploitation case is growing by orders of magnitude. We need organizations to be forward-looking and proactive about working together for the greatest impact. We are proud to remain a partner with Magnet Forensics and Griffeye and are committed to finding new ways to ensure forensics professionals have access to the most robust categorized data when triaging or performing their full analysis,” said Richard W Brown, Project VIC Coordinator United States, National Association to Protect Children (

Magnet AXIOM quickly processes and readies evidence from smartphones and computers into one case file. The examination tools help forensics professionals quickly find the most relevant data and visualize it for better analysis. AXIOM is used by digital forensics professionals to look for evidence that other tools cannot find, to verify data, and to integrate images acquired with other tools into a single case file for examination.

Griffeye is a provider of the world’s premier intelligence and visual big data platform for collecting, processing, analyzing, visualizing, and managing images and videos. Known as Griffeye Analyze, the platform is used in any investigation containing digital media for law enforcement, defense, national security, insurance and health care agencies worldwide.

Project VIC is a collaborative effort between, law enforcement and industry. Project VIC compiled all existing online child abuse images into a single repository and gave each image a unique identifier known as a “hash value.” Using the hash value allows investigators to quickly rule images in or out of their searches. Project VIC also commissioned the creation of an “image hash cloud,” from which investigators download the “master image hash lists,” which contain the identifiers of highly vetted, known images of child sexual exploitation. Law enforcement personnel are also able to expand the database by uploading new hashes they have seized.

Magnet Forensics and Griffeye Events

Additionally, later this month, Griffeye and Magnet Forensics experts will host customer information sessions in New York, Boston and Washington, with more dates to be announced in Europe and Asia. Forensics experts will discuss the importance of an integrated approach to digital forensics and will demo the new integrated capabilities of Magnet AXIOM. For more information, please visit the event site.

The new Project VIC and Griffeye integration will launch in Magnet AXIOM later this month. For more information on AXIOM, visit

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