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The Magnet Digital Investigation Suite (MDIS) helps you to transform your digital investigations to increase efficiency, leverage powerful analytics, and collaborate agency-wide, all while enabling you to operate securely and transparently to reduce risk. 

A key part of how MDIS enables this transformation is by helping you to make the most of your resources, people, and processes. It does this through intelligent integration with your agency’s forensic tools and infrastructure so you can complete your digital investigations more efficiently and effectively.  

With the latest versions of our three MDIS products Magnet ATLASMagnet AUTOMATE, and Magnet REVIEW, we’re providing even more integration between our solutions and your toolkit, data sources, and infrastructure – all to help you drive even more efficiency. 

Visit the Magnet Digital Investigation Suite page to learn more, or email to speak to one of our experts. 

New in Magnet ATLAS: Do More with Advanced Integration with AUTOMATE and REVIEW 

The products that compose the Magnet Digital Investigation Suite are designed to be better together. When combined, they help you to fully leverage the benefits of automated evidence processing, collaborative evidence review, advanced analytics, and centralized case data management throughout your digital investigations. 

Magnet ATLAS, our case management and collaboration solution, is a key part of this integrated approach. ATLAS acts as the command and control center for your digital investigations, centralizing your information and data to help all of your agency’s stakeholders – forensics examiners, investigators, and external collaborators –  easily secure, track, manage, and collaborate on all aspects of your case.  

With ATLAS 2.0, we introduced the ATLAS API to enable you to integrate and connect ATLAS with other tools in your ecosystem, allowing you to use ATLAS as a jump point to trigger key tasks such as creating a new case, adding evidence to a case, and more. 

With the latest version of ATLAS, we’re now extending advanced integration to the other Magnet Digital Investigation Suite solutions to help you work your investigations even more efficiently!  

By leveraging these powerful new ATLAS integrations with AUTOMATE and REVIEW, you can streamline your workflows and do more in ATLAS to help save you time and effort. 

New integrated capabilities include:  

  • Launch AUTOMATE and REVIEW directly from ATLAS dashboard or case 
  • View AUTOMATE and REVIEW case analytics in ATLAS dashboards to help you manage lab efficiency and productivity
  • View job statistics and run progress for evidence items processing in AUTOMATE to provide stakeholders with status updates 
  • Launch new AUTOMATE processing jobs directly from ATLAS to reduce the amount of information required to be entered into multiple systems and ensure consistency 
  • Gain insight into what artifacts have been recovered from mobile devices, computers and cloud services and link directly from ATLAS into the devices you want to investigate first in REVIEW  
  • Quickly see which cases have been reviewed and have had reports created in REVIEW to expedite peer review or share with other collaborators 
  • And more! 

To learn more about how we’ve integrated Magnet ATLAS, AUTOMATE and REVIEW, check out our how-to video from our Customer Solutions Manager Kevin Harth. 

New in Magnet AUTOMATE 2.12: Streamline Your Mobile Workflows with Watch Folders Merge 

With the Magnet Digital Investigation Suite, we want to help you maximize your existing your forensics lab infrastructure and toolkit investments. 

Magnet AUTOMATE, our mobile and computer forensics orchestration and automation platform, helps you to leverage your lab’s hardware and software tools to create automated, standardized workflows that can unlock capacity and drive efficiencies across your digital investigations.  

AUTOMATE’s Watch Folders feature is a powerful option for you integrate mobile acquisition tools into your workflows, regardless of whether or not they have a command line interface. Once an image is acquired and is saved in a specified “Watch Folder,” a workflow can automatically begin processing, saving you time and costs by reducing manual intervention by examiners and helping ensure your forensic equipment is efficiently utilized 24/7. 

Now, with AUTOMATE 2.12 you can merge processed mobile data ingested via Watch Folders into any case! This lets you acquire multiple devices in your lab simultaneously, or on different machines, and then bring the data together in a single case file for analysis and reporting. 

By combining data from multiple sources into the same case file, you can enable a more wholistic view of your evidence for your forensic examiners and other stakeholders. 

Examiners using Magnet AXIOM can search and analyze all case data together for a more complete picture of the evidence while leveraging the advantages of automated processing to reduce time and effort. 

Investigators and other stakeholders using Magnet REVIEW can easily view all the evidence associated with their case, helping them get to the evidence they need more quickly. 

To see the new Watch Folders Merge feature in action, check out this how-to video from our AUTOMATE Product Manager Greg Ward. 

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