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New in Magnet AUTOMATE 3.0: Warrant Return Processing, Device Platform Autodetection, and more

We’re proud to announce the availability of Magnet AUTOMATE 3.0!

As part of the Magnet Digital Investigation Suite, AUTOMATE 3.0 was designed to help you maximize the efficiency of you your agency’s existing forensics lab toolkit and IT investments to reduce time to evidence for your digital investigations. 

With the latest version of Magnet AUTOMATE, we’re excited to introduce a number of powerful new source integrations and tools that will help you to automate and orchestrate even more of your forensic workflows, including warrant returns and other cloud data sources!

AUTOMATE 3.0 now includes the ability to automate processing for warrant returns and other cloud packages, Chromebooks, and memory images via the AXIOM integration; platform autodetection to streamline workflows based on device OS; more control over the queue by selecting specific cases to start next, and more.

Improve service to your agency today by automating your digital forensic workflows with Magnet AUTOMATE. To learn more, check out our product page.

New in AUTOMATE 3.0: Processing Automation for New Sources Including Warrant Returns

With AUTOMATE 3.0, you can now reduce your time to evidence from acquisition to analysis for several difficult-to-manage sources, including warrant returns, cloud packages, Chromebooks, and memory images.

The automated processing of warrant returns can be particularly valuable to law enforcement agencies. Warrant returns like those from services like Apple or Snapchat can be difficult to work with, often requiring decryption before they can be processed. With our updated cloud package support in AUTOMATE 3.0, labs can script and automate the download, decryption, and processing of these returns, helping to save valuable time and effort.

A graphic showing the multiple image processing available in Magnet AUTOMATE 3.0.

Cloud packages can also be challenging to process and analyze, especially when they contain multiple .zip files. Considering the broader shift to cloud-based storage, being able to automate your workflows for cloud packages will allow you to set your lab up for success now and into the future. By leveraging AXIOM integration with AUTOMATE, you can now include cloud-derived data in your automated workflows via the workflow builder.  

With AUTOMATE 3.0, we’ve also included the ability to process Chromebooks and memory images. Chromebooks are notoriously difficult to acquire extractions from, but Magnet offers free tools to support the acquisition of Chromebooks. We also have free tools to support the acquisition of RAM for memory images.

New in AUTOMATE 3.0: Device Platform Autodetection

Each device type, platform, and operating system can require a different workflow to process the data. Prior to AUTOMATE 3.0, when examiners processed images, they would have to manually specify the platform first before the appropriate automated workflow for that platform could be applied.

Our new platform autodetection feature now allows AUTOMATE to automatically detect whether the forensic image is Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, etc. Once the image’s platform is detected, AUTOMATE can then apply the appropriate workflow for the forensic image, amplifying the value of automation while keeping the number of workflows required for each platform to a manageable level.

To see how platform autodetection works, check out the how-to video with Kim Bradley.

New in AUTOMATE 3.0: Manage Your Queue with “Process Next” Option

When you receive a high-priority case, you can now easily move it to the top of the queue with the “process next” feature without disrupting or restarting other jobs. With this new feature, when a node meeting the workflow requirements frees up, it will automatically start to process the job at the top of the queue.

This capability gives you more control over the queue of jobs in AUTOMATE and gives you more flexibility to adapt to the changing demands of your case load.

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