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Magnet REVIEW 5.3: Review All Your Evidence Together

We’re very excited to share some of the great new features in Magnet REVIEW 5.3—helping your investigators and other stakeholders to get to the digital evidence they need faster and easier by enabling secure agency-wide collaboration, anytime and from anywhere!

Magnet REVIEW was designed to help you streamline digital evidence review by providing a unified platform to share evidence from all your sources with your investigators and other stakeholders, all in the same case file.

With the latest version of REVIEW, we’ve delivered another major step forward in our user experience with Cross Evidence Views, allowing reviewers to combine and view, search, sort, and filter artifacts from any of their sources together so they can quickly and easily see the full story of their evidence.

REVIEW 5.3 also includes a wealth of powerful new user experience updates, including an all-new Case Dashboard, improved artifact Preview Panes, updated evidence tagging capabilities, and more.

And even better, you can now try all of these exciting new REVIEW experiences for yourself with an early access free trial of our upcoming SaaS deployment model — read on for more details!

See the Full Story of your Evidence Across Your Sources

Magnet AXIOM’s pioneering “all-in-one-case” approach to digital investigations allows you to combine artifacts across all of your digital sources – including mobile devices, computers, IoT devices, vehicles, and cloud services – into unified views that can help you quickly see the relationships between them and the story they tell. Now, with REVIEW 5.3, we’re bringing that experience to your investigators and other reviewing stakeholders with our new Cross Evidence Views!

With Cross Evidence Views, users can leverage REVIEW’s searching, sorting, and filtering tools to see customized, combined views of artifacts across their sources that can help them quickly see if and how they’re related to provide even more meaningful context to their reviews.

A screenshot of the new Cross Evidence View in Magnet REVIEW 5.3.

Artifacts in these views are sorted by date and time by default, creating a timeline across multiple evidence sources that presents items in the order they happened to help investigators quickly piece together the full story of the interaction. For example, reviewers can now view a sorted timeline of all communications-related artifacts across all evidence sources and applications, allowing them to easily follow conversations across different devices and services.

Find the Evidence You Need, Faster

Along with Cross Evidence Views, REVIEW 5.3 brings several other major enhancements to help your investigators and other stakeholders quickly find, review, and action on evidence items in their case, including:

  • An all-new Case Dashboard that leverages Cross Evidence Views along with visual artifact and tag summaries to provide an even more effective starting point for your team’s evidence reviews
  • An updated artifact Preview Pane that provides more high-level details at a glance, including video previews, chat threads, and more
  • Icons for artifacts to help you more easily distinguish between artifacts from different applications and services
  • New tagging options to allow you to create new evidence tags on the fly and mark items as Privileged in bulk.

Learn more about all of REVIEW 5.3’s features, and see our and walkthrough video below:

Experience REVIEW today with our Early Access Free Trial

We’re extremely excited to offer our AXIOM and AXIOM Cyber customers the opportunity to try REVIEW for yourselves with an early access free trial of our upcoming SaaS delivery model!

REVIEW is integrated with AXIOM and Cyber, so you can share your cases directly from the Examine export dialogue, and your stakeholders can access REVIEW from any web browser, with no special hardware or software required.

With this new Magnet-managed SaaS option, you’ll be able to easily and securely deploy REVIEW throughout your organization without the need to install and manage the system yourself – simply create your own account via your browser and you can immediately start sharing your cases with your investigators and other stakeholders.

Our early access free trial will allow you to experience REVIEW for free ahead of our official launch. You’ll be able to securely share cases with your investigators and other stakeholders directly from the Examine export dialogue, review evidence using REVIEW’s intuitive user interface and powerful search tools, collaborate using tags and comments, and generate and share detailed reports.

You can create your free trial account by visiting or from within Examine by clicking on the upload flow from the dashboard.

For more details on the REVIEW early access free trial, see our Magnet REVIEW SaaS Free Trial blog and our Getting Started video below.

Upcoming Webinar December 13th: What’s new in Magnet REVIEW 5.3

Join Magnet Forensics’ Nicole Davis and Jonathan Evans for a walkthrough of the powerful new experiences in REVIEW 5.3, including Cross Evidence Views, updated Case Dashboard, and more!

Register for the webinar here.

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