What’s New in Magnet REVIEW 5.3

Magnet REVIEW helps you empower your investigators and other stakeholders to easily and securely collaborate on digital evidence review from any of your sources, and from anywhere in the world.

Our latest version of REVIEW makes it even easier for you to bring your investigators and their evidence together, with a revamped user interface to help them to quickly find the evidence that matters and a new SaaS-based option designed to simplify deployment and management.

Join Magnet Forensics’ Nicole Davis and Jonathan Evans for a walkthrough of the new experiences in REVIEW 5.3, including cross evidence views, updated evidence previews, and an early access free trial of our upcoming SaaS-based cloud deployment model.

Jon Evans
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Magnet Forensics
Nicole Davis
Product Manager, Magnet Forensics
1 Hr.

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