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Magnet Forensics in 2017 – A Look Back by the Numbers

As 2018 rolls in, it’s a great opportunity to look back and see how Magnet Forensics grew in 2017 (for our CEO Adam Belsher’s take, read: Looking Back on 2017 with Adam Belsher, CEO of Magnet Forensics.)

This was a year of real change and growth and we thought it might be fun to look at the year by the numbers.

10: Our Most Important Number!

This year we released 10 software updates to Magnet AXIOM. We introduced support for new artifacts in the app, Signal, and more. We supported parsing iCloud backups, decrypting iOS iTunes Backups. We introduced Full Disk Decryption support (with our inclusion of Passware,) Flash Recovery support for more than 650 Samsung devices, our new Magnet.AI technology, iOS 11 support, and Connections for Magnet AXIOM to trace the path of an artifact and view its connections to other artifacts – and much more!

You can read more about our releases here (Note – not every release has a blog post!):

95: The Number of Events We Sponsored and Attended in 2017

Our team loves the opportunity to meet our customers and partners face-to-face. Our team of forensics experts and product managers gave more than 50 lectures and hosted 19 labs!

Additionally, we hosted 19 Magnet Forensics-hosted events including our two Magnet User Summits in London and Las Vegas, our partner roadshows with Teel Technologies and Griffeye, and Lunch and Learns across the globe.

1256 & 886: Our New Followers on Twitter (@magnetforensics) and LinkedIn

Welcome and thank you for being part of our community! We were very excited to get to engage with even more of the 4n6 community on Twitter and LinkedIn this year.

2: We Supported Two Major Releases of Magnet AXIOM and Introduced Two New Products to the Market!

We launched AXIOM Cloud, for cloud forensics, and Magnet ATLAS – our powerful case and lab management solution.

ATLAS Came About Because of a Very Important Number: 1

We made one acquisition in 2017, when we brought the Sentinel Data team onboard!

Hear more about Magnet ATLAS from John Singleton, Product Manager in R&D at Magnet Forensics, and a co-founder of Sentinel Data:

18: The Number of Webinars We Hosted This Year…

…with topics ranging from Memory Analysis and RAM Capture, to Android Emulators, to Geolocation, to Case Management, to Collaboration, to Cloud Forensics. We have all of them recorded and available here.

5: We Released Five White Papers to the Community in 2017:

·         Demystifying Android Marshmallow Forensic Analysis

·         The Technology of Child Luring: And How Machine Learning Helps Investigators to Spot It

·         Android Acquisition Methods from Root to Recovery

·         12 Tips for Presenting Digital Evidence in Court

·         Taking Bytes out of Android Nougat Forensic Analysis

7 New Customer Case Studies

There are now seven new case studies that showcase how our customers, ranging from law enforcement to private sector forensic examiners, are using Magnet Forensics tools to find more and drive deep forensic analysis in criminal, civil, and corporate security investigations. Our case studies can be found here.

We also launched our Community Award to celebrate those who go above and beyond as they seek justice and help others.

1 New Community Launched!

We launched our Artifact Exchange, which allows forensics professionals to upload the artifacts they have built, and help their peers with their cases, or download artifacts others have built to help with their own cases.

2017 marked a great year of growth and opportunity for all of us at Magnet Forensics and we are really looking forward to 2018. Our priority continues to be supporting our customers and empowering them to seek justice and protect the innocent. Happy New Year!

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