New Features

Magnet AXIOM 1.0.10 Now Lets You Decrypt iOS 10.2 iTunes Backups

New version also includes faster PhotoDNA processing, and support for KakaoTalk and Zalo.

Magnet AXIOM 1.0.10  is now available for download!

AXIOM 1.0.10 will give users:

  • Decryption of iOS 10.2 iTunes Backups — We’re always working on giving investigators the tools to keep up with the latest encryption found in Apple’s software. Now, you can decrypt iTunes backups with a known password
  • Chat Thread Preview Cards in All Views — When conducting your analysis in AXIOM, you can view a chat thread preview card in the view of your choice
  • Faster PhotoDNA ­— PhotoDNA distance calculation is now up to 40 times faster than previously available
  • Support for KakaoTalk and Zalo — Chat apps are always a source of potential evidence and these apps from Asia are the latest to get support in AXIOM

In addition to these new features, we’ve also improved hibernation file analysis on Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP platforms. Thanks to Mark Spencer and his team at Arsenal Consulting, we were able to correct it swiftly and improve the data recovered from Windows hibernation files.

Updates to Magnet ACQUIRE

We’ve also updated Magnet ACQUIRE with the ability to:

  • Downgrade applications on Android devices to a previous version that supported backups, giving you access to data that may no longer be available
  • Use TWRP recovery packages to acquire a full physical image of locked Android devices

We’re working on bringing these features to AXIOM in a future release.

Customers can find out more about what’s included in AXIOM 1.0.10, Magnet Acquire 2.0.1, and Magnet IEF 6.8.7 within the release notes found on the Customer Portal.

If you’re new to AXIOM and want to see these features in action, request a demo today.

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