New Features

Magnet AXIOM 1.0.9 Brings Improved Reporting and iCloud Backups

Including Parsing iCloud Backups, Sorting in Multi-Artifact View, New Exporting Options, Artifact Support, and More.

Customer feedback is essential to maintain the quality of our products. We’ve been able to incorporate customer input on the features they are looking for in our latest release, Magnet AXIOM 1.0.9, which is available for download now..

Here are a few highlights:

  • Parsing iCloud Backups — Investigators can pull data from devices, including messages, call logs, contacts, and pictures without having device access or having the unlock PIN.
  • Sorting in Multi-Artifact View — AXIOM gives you more options to see the data the way you need it. Events can be sorted in chronological order across multiple artifacts, giving a bigger picture when building your case.
  • New Exporting Options — In addition to the new capability to export reports in Excel format, you can also now choose specific tags that you want to export evidence for.
  • New Artifacts — There is more support for recovering RAW-type pictures in several known formats (3fr, dng, erf, iiq, kdc, nef, pef) and new support for, an app that has come under scrutiny for its popularity with young children (and subsequently the possibility of grooming.)
  • Binary Keyword Search Without Artifacts — Artifacts no longer need to be selected to run a file system keyword search, providing a faster alternative.
  • Chat Threads Integrated Into Reports — Examiners can provide a clear report to non-technical stakeholders containing reconstructed chat threads, making it easier to follow suspect’s conversations.

Customers can find out more about what’s included in AXIOM 1.0.9 within the release notes found on the Customer Portal.

If you’re new to AXIOM and want to see these features in action, request a demo today.

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