White Paper: Android Acquisition Methods from Root to Recovery

Your guide to the many different ways to extract full memory images and in what situations to use them

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The more Google, Android OEMs, and wireless carriers do to preserve device owners’ privacy and thwart unauthorized access, the more challenges forensic examiners face in collecting evidence to help solve cases and convict criminals.

With Magnet Forensics’ introduction of a custom recovery flashing solution built into Magnet AXIOM to bypass passwords and still extract data, we wanted to take the time to go back through the many different extraction possibilities and what they can mean for your forensic examinations—their benefits, their risks, and their procedures.

Download our white paper to learn more about:

  • The difference between live (rooting) and dead exploits
  • Why some traditional forms of password bypass, such as bootloaders, don’t work as well anymore
  • Different types of custom recovery flashing
  • What to document as you go through your processes

Download “Android Acquisition Methods from Root to Recovery” now!