Magnet Forensics' customers are doing some of the most important work in the world. Their tireless pursuit of justice is inspiring, and we develop our products to make sure they have everything they need to get to the truth.

Take a look at some of the amazing work our customers do and how we've been able to help them along the way.

Hear from our customers about why they use Magnet Forensics products.


We're featuring members of the digital forensics community who are bringing excellence and integrity to their job.

Michigan State Police

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Our customers rely on Magnet Forensics products to perform some of the most crucial work imaginable. These case studies showcase a few examples of how our customers do this and what they’ve been able to accomplish. Read through the challenges they faced, the results they needed, and how Magnet Forensics products were able to help them get those results.

Houston County Sheriff's Office, U.S.

That was a case where if I had just relied on one product it may have had a different outcome. They may not have found that evidence to present in trial for a jury.


Lt. Darin Meadows has been focusing on digital forensics for the last 17 years, as he currently serves more than 130,000 residents in Warner Robins, Georgia as part of the Houston County Sheriff's Office.

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Columbus Metro Area, U.S.

It just works. I don't have to go through eight steps to make it work, where a Magnet Forensics tool does it in one. I can't tell you how much easier that makes life.


Det. James Howe performs digital investigations for his and other units, not only investigating homicides, but also other untimely deaths on a rotating basis.

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The Computer Guyz, South Africa

Magnet AXIOM has helped us work more quickly than ordinarily to investigate matters like employees contravening company IT policy


As a small information technology service provider based in South Africa, Craig Pedersen’s company, The Computer Guyz, is frequently called upon to offer digital forensics services for both public and private sector clients. Whether it’s corporate clients that need his team to acquire and process forensically sound digital evidence, a civil matter that morphs into a criminal case, or law enforcement that need support on a tough case, the importance of powerful tools cannot be overstated.

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