New Features

Bringing Enhanced Mobile Acquisition, iOS Processing & Analysis, and Reporting Improvements to Magnet AXIOM 1.1.3

With Magnet AXIOM 1.1.3, we’ve not only made it easier for users to acquire and process images from mobile devices, but we’ve also brought improvements to our reporting capabilities — making the experience an even smoother one for stakeholders to use the evidence presented to them in their investigations.

Find out more about what’s included in Magnet AXIOM 1.1.3 below. Customers can download the update now from the Customer Portal.

Mobile Enhancements

  • PLIST Viewer – Preview .plist files and analyze content for iOS apps and devices that don’t yet have native artifact support.
  • iOS Processing & Analysis Improvements – We’ve brought a number of improvements to the stability of iOS processing, and now show decoded iOS filesystems.
  • Encrypted iOS Device Acquisition – iTunes backups of iOS devices can be a valuable source of data — particularly when they’ve been encrypted. Now, you can create an encrypted backup of an iOS device (with a password of your choosing) and decrypt it to get more information than from an unencrypted backup.
  • Guided Mobile Acquisition Workflow – New to mobile device examinations? Examiners that don’t regularly perform mobile acquisitions will now have a helpful guide throughout the process to ensure they’re getting the best image possible.
  • Improved Android Device Detection – Improvements in device drivers have increased the ability to detect Android devices in AXIOM Process.
  • Displayed Available Space for Acquisition – See how much space is available for acquiring evidence and for your case folder path to ensure errors don’t occur during acquisition.

Reporting Improvements

Reporting is a key part of an examiner’s workflow. With Magnet AXIOM 1.1.3, we’ve taken feedback directly from users to make a number of impactful changes to help improve the overall experience. ​

  • Exclude Media/File Attachments in Reporting – Generate reports that keep illegal media, such as child pornography, files from being visible to stakeholders.
  • Various Reporting Improvements – A variety of improvements have been made to the overall reporting process that will make reports easier for examiners and investigators to navigate and execute:
    • An easier to understand HTML report structure​
    • The ability to organize HTML & PDF reports by tag and artifact category​
    • HTML reports can be organized by artifact category
    • Detailed reports are now always selected by default​
    • Reports are now WYSIWYG for all columns/views​
    • A new UI indication is available for sent/received in chat thread previews and exports

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