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Magnet Axiom Cyber 7.9: Faster mobile processing, better video performance, new custom fields, and more

The release of Magnet Axiom Cyber 7.9 is here, and it’s an exciting one for digital forensic examiners who support eDiscovery stakeholders.

In this release, we’ve made several enhancements, including:

  • Chat artifact linking in load files
  • Improved mobile processing speeds
  • Improved video processing performance
  • Add custom fields to a portable case

We’ve also updated and added to our artifact support (updates are at the end of this blog.)

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Meet eDiscovery requirements with chat artifact linking in load files

More professionals are using chat messaging apps at work. Chat messaging provides a convenient and efficient way to collaborate remotely, enabling real-time communication that allows busy teams to quickly share updates and feedback without the delay of email or scheduled phone calls. In the third quarter of 2022, nearly 70 percent of global professionals said they use messaging and chat apps daily for work.

Because of this rise in chat messaging at work, these apps often contain valuable conversations and additional insights into the timeline of an event. They’ve become highly relevant to legal matters and a key source of electronically stored information (ESI) in eDiscovery cases.

Axiom Cyber’s load file exports now represent parent-child (Bates Numbering) relationships between attached files and the chat conversations where they were found. This will help you meet the eDiscovery requirements of your stakeholders.

Preserving the parent-child relationships ensures that the context of the communication is represented accurately within the eDiscovery platform (such as Relativity.)

This improvement builds on previous developments to load file exports, including email relationship linking.

Load files generated by Axiom Cyber include:

  • A plain text delimited file with a .dat extension in the Concordance / Relativity format containing metadata for the included artifacts.
  • Folders with accompanying natives and text including:
    • MSG file for email.
    • HTML chat threads for chat messages from Slack or other chat-based communication services.
    • Original files for documents, media, and other file-based artifacts.

To learn more about Axiom Cyber’s load file export capabilities, check out the following blogs:

Improved mobile processing speeds

In this release, we’ve also changed our mobile carving procedure, provided an average 10% reduction in the processing time of mobile images, and decreased the number of false positive hits. In our internal testing, when combined with the improvements to video processing performance, we saw a 20% overall reduction in processing time for a mobile image extracted from a real-world device with nearly 50 G of data.

Improved video processing performance

The volume of video evidence has also increased as the video capabilities of phones and cameras have increased to near movie quality. With the release of 7.9, we have improved the video processing speed and presentation of video thumbnails in Axiom Cyber, which facilitates AI detection. In our internal testing, a Verakey extraction of an actively used phone with over 5,000 video files was processed 17% faster.

This improvement also includes changes to the generation of video thumbnails. This improves Magnet.AI categorizations involving small objects in video frames, helping to increase the accuracy of identifying human faces, hands, tattoos, and license plates. In HR investigations, video evidence can play a crucial role in cases involving employee misconduct, harassment, or violations of company policy by helping to validate witness statements and establish timelines.

Add custom fields to a Portable Case

Each organization has its own rules for what information needs to be recorded when sharing cases.

Now, when you export a Portable Case, you can add up to three custom fields to meet your organization’s unique reporting requirements. Custom field details will appear on your report’s login page below the Examiner Name field. For example, you can include additional examiner names, stakeholder names, or case tracking details. For added flexibility, you can choose the custom field’s name to align with your organization’s terminology.   

Screenshot of the Create Export/Report window with Custom Fields in AXIOM Cyber 7.9.

New and updated artifacts 

We’re continually adding and updating artifacts based on the applications you’re coming across in your investigations.

In this release, we’ve added support for Sessions – an encrypted messenger application you can access using keychain and Keystore records from Verakey mobile extractions.

This release includes new and updated artifacts, including:


  • Sessions (iOS and Android)


  • Aloha Browser (Android)
  • Apple Mail (iOS)
  • Biome (iOS)
  • Device Information (iOS)
  • DuckDuckGo Bookmarks (Android)
  • Facebook Messenger (iOS)
  • iCloud Local Files (iOS)
  • iMessage/SMS/MMS (iOS)
  • Installed Applications (iOS)
  • SnapChat (iOS and Android)
  • Telegram (iOS and Android)
  • TikTok (iOS)
  • Users Accounts (Windows)
  • WebKit Browser Web History (iOS)
  • WhatsApp (iOS and Android)

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