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Magnet AXIOM Cyber 7.3 – VeraKey Integration and more!

We are happy to announce the release of Magnet AXIOM Cyber 7.3.

This release adds a new option to connect to VeraKey, making it even easier for you to quickly collect and process mobile data for your eDiscovery and internal investigations. We have also added a new exporting capability for AXIOM Cyber that builds on the privileged material feature, and added to the SHA256 support introduced in AXIOM Cyber 7.2.

As with all releases of AXIOM Cyber, we have also updated and added to the artifact support to help keep your investigations current with the latest tools and services in your investigations.

You can upgrade to the latest version within AXIOM Cyber or over at the Customer Portal. Or, if you haven’t tried AXIOM Cyber yet, reach out to request a free trial here.   

VeraKey Integration

93% of workers under 50 report that they use their smartphones for work-related tasks. However, with the variety of mobile devices and rapid rate of development it can be challenging to collect mobile data required for eDiscovery and internal investigations.

In AXIOM Cyber 7.3 we have introduced the ability to acquire and process mobile images directly from VeraKey. Developed by Grayshift, VeraKey is a forensic solution that enables consent-based, full file system data extractions from iOS and Android devices. The combination of AXIOM Cyber and VeraKey gets you the most evidence so you can quickly and easily work through investigations.

This integration not only makes it easier for you to capture important mobile data in AXIOM Cyber, with the recent merger of Magnet Forensics and Grayshift, it also expands the options to use products in the Magnet Forensics ecosystem for every step of your investigation.

To learn more about how you can use VeraKey with AXIOM Cyber check out our latest blog: How to Connect Magnet AXIOM Cyber Directly to VeraKey for Mobile Device Investigations.

SHA256 Hash Calculation for Virus Total

In AXIOM Cyber 7.2, we introduced support for SHA 256—matching the hash calculation method used by EDR tools to help make it even easier for you to verify hashes for individual files. Now, we have also updated the hash format used in our VirusTotal URL lookup integration to also use SHA 256 which will mitigate any potential miscalculations with this value.

AXIOM Cyber’s VirusTotal integration gives you the ability to quickly check files against over 70 antivirus engines, providing insight into the history and behavior of a threat to inform your response and mitigation plans.

To learn more check out the blog post: Accessing VirusTotal Insights Through Magnet AXIOM Cyber.

Improved Report Exporting Options

In many eDiscovery cases, there will be set parameters around what evidence can be included in the scope of the investigations. Building on the privileged materials workflow introduced into AXIOM Cyber in version 7.0—which enables you to conduct a broad search using a set of keywords and automatically tagging any matching artifacts—we have introduced new exporting option that allows you to exclude tagged artifacts when creating a report. For example, you can now create a portable case or load file that excludes all artifact data that has been tagged as privileged material.

New and Updated Artifacts

New Artifacts

  • Android Device Information
  • Samsung Device Health Services (CPU Data and Network Stats)
  • Samsung Positioning Path History
  • Apple Health Workout

Updated Artifacts

  • Android MMS/SMS
  • Apple Health (Distance, Floors, Heart Rate and Steps)
  • Autorun Items
  • Digital Wellbeing Events
  • Dropbox
  • Email Attachments
  • Facebook Messenger Groups
  • Facebook Messenger Users Contacted
  • Installed Programs
  • iOS Device Information
  • Outlook Emails
  • PDF Documents
  • Pictures
  • Signal (Android)
  • Snapchat Group Members
  • Videos
  • WhatsApp Chats
  • WhatsApp Messages
  • Windows Startup Items
  • Windows Notification Center

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