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Magnet AXIOM 5.10: Bringing Even More Support for iOS 15

We’re proud to announce the availability of Magnet AXIOM 5.10! 

You can upgrade to the latest version within AXIOM or over at the Customer Portal.   

With Magnet AXIOM 5.10, we’re offering expanded support for iOS 15 — bringing more access to the artifacts you need, such as updated AirDrop artifacts. We have also expanded support for URL-based refined results.  

AXIOM 5.10 continues a big year for Magnet AXIOM, which saw the introduction of Media Explorer, Chromebook and Linux processing and artifact support, and ingestion of vehicle data.    

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More Support for iOS 15 

With AXIOM 5.9, we announced support for the acquisition and analysis of iCloud backups for iOS 15 and earlier. Now with AXIOM 5.10, we’re enhancing support for iOS 15. In particular, the AirDrop artifact.  

For Airdrop in iOS 15, we can now collect background activity, discoverability, incoming transfers, outgoing transfers, and available recipients. AirDrop is a key artifact especially when drawing connections between suspects. Now for persons of interest who are using the latest iPhone with iOS 15, examiners can more easily draw those connections.     

Check out how to investigate AirDrop activity in AXIOM in this blog and video from Trey Amick. 

A Few Highlights From Magnet AXIOM’s Big Year 

Magnet AXIOM has had a big year. We have introduced the Media Explorer, Chromebook and Linux processing and artifact support, and ingestion of vehicle data, and these are just a few of the highlights.  

With Media Explorer, we’ve worked to save examiners time while mitigating CSAM exposure during ICAC investigations, by hit stacking duplicate images based on hash ID so it only needs to be categorized once. Plus, Magnet.AI improvements have made it easier to filter out icons and non-relevant media. 

Support for Chromebook processing and artifacts was also introduced this year. Chromebook sales exploded during the pandemic and their unique operating system make acquiring and analyzing data from these devices a significant challenge, but the Magnet Chromebook Acquisition Assistant helps to streamline the acquisition process, while AXIOM has dedicated Chromebook artifact support.  

Recovering and analyzing data from Linux systems also pose a challenge, but earlier this year we introduced native artifact support for Linux. We focused on the foundational native Linux artifacts to make investigations easier.   

We also introduced support for vehicle data via Berla iVe exports. Reviewing and analyzing vehicle data alongside all your other case data offers you the opportunity to correlate data (e.g., geolocation, call logs) and plot it all on the world map in Magnet AXIOM.   

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Demystifying the Cloud Webinar Series: On Demand 

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New Artifacts

  • Firefox Logins // iOS 

Updated Artifacts

  • Accounts Information 
  • AirDrop ​ 
    • Background Activity 
    • Discoverability 
    • Incoming Transfers 
    • Outgoing Transfers 
    • Available Recipients 
  • Android Call Logs​ 
  • Application Activity 
  • Call Logs 
  • Chrome Cache Records 
  • Cloud Passwords and Tokens  
  • ICQ Messages 
  • Outlook Accounts 
  • Private Photo Vault 
  • Snapchat Memories 
  • URL-based Refined Results 
    • Human Trafficking 
    • Classified 
    • Cloud Services 
    • Dating Sites 
    • Social Media 
    • Tax Sites 
    • Tor Sites 
    • Torrent Sites 
    • Web Chat 
  • Wickr Me 

Get Magnet AXIOM 5.10 today! 

We are continually improving AXIOM to make it our most comprehensive digital forensic platform. When every second counts, it’s important that we do what we can to streamline the primary workflow of examiners. We’re excited that these AXIOM improvements can help to do exactly this.  

If your agency needs to perform remote collections, collect from cloud storage services, or Microsoft office 365, check out what’s new in AXIOM Cyber here.

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