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MAGNET Chromebook Acquisition Assistant™

Chromebook Acquisition Assistant: What does it do?

The MAGNET Chromebook Acquisition Assistant (MCAA) will help you acquire a logical image from a Chromebook when you have the username and password, and without requiring it to be in Developer Mode. Chromebook forensic images are acquired with a USB drive and the MCAA’s wizard style walkthrough will help you prepare the USB drive for image acquisition. The MCAA has been developed to automate much of the workflow first proposed in the Daniel Dickerman Chromebook Forensic Acquisition method.

“I had the chance to use Magnet Forensics Chromebook Acquisition Assistant ... and it literally broke our case wide open. Using AXIOM we were able to obtain Online User Accounts/Internet History/Videos/Search Queries. Thanks to Magnet Forensics.” – Stephen H,  Law Enforcement Officer

Key Features:

  • Simple interface with wizard style walkthrough for acquisition
  • Makes preparing a USB drive to be used for acquisition of data fast and easy
  • Extracted images can be directly processed with Magnet AXIOM®
  • No Linux skills required


  • Windows 7 or higher required
  • USB drive that is at least 32GB or larger to be used for the extraction. 64GB+ is recommended if you have a Chromebook with a larger hard drive to acquire from
  • Username/email address and password of the account used to log into the Chromebook

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