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Magnet App Simulator: What does it do?

Magnet App Simulator lets you load application data from Android devices in your case into a virtual environment, enabling you to view and interact with the data as the user would have seen it on their own device. Use this tool to get a feel of how a suspect was interacting with their data, or to present the evidence to juries and stakeholders in a familiar mobile appearance.

This tool runs completely outside of Magnet AXIOM, so you can try it out today with data output from any forensic review tool.

If you want to read a step-by-step guide to the tool, you can find it here.

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Note: There will be two downloads necessary for the MAGNET App Simulator to work. Check your inbox or junk mail for a confirmation email, which contains links to those downloads, after completing the form. The MAGNET App Simulator requires a Windows 10, Intel-based PC. 

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