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Magnet Response empowers investigators and non-technical users easily collect and preserve critical data relevant to incident response investigations from local endpoints. 

Magnet Response: What does it do? 

Magnet Response is a free and easy-to-use solution to quickly collect and preserve data from local endpoints before it is potentially modified or lost. A pre-set collection profile gives you the ability to target a comprehensive set of files and data relevant to incident response investigations, including RAM.  

Minimal to no training is required—it’s as simple as running it on the endpoint, configuring the collection and clicking “start capture.” This makes Magnet RESPONSE useful in situations where non-technical users may need to collect and preserve data on behalf of law enforcement investigators as part of a cyber incident investigation.  

Key Benefits & Features: 

  • Easy-To-Use: A guided two-step process and progress bar is straightforward for even non-technical users to use 
  • Fast & Comprehensive: Collect and preserve data starting with the most volatile using the built-in Comae RAM capture (MAGNET DumpIt) functionality, and volatile data and files commonly associated to cybercrime, such as Windows Event Logs, Registry Hives, Jumplist files, and many other log files in minutes – no need for multiple tools to get the IR data you need 
  • Portable: It is comprised of a single executable file, is easily downloaded, and can be stored and run from a USB key  
  • Collect by Keyword & Skip Large Files: configure free-form collections using your own set of keywords (or the defaults provided), with the option to limit the size of files collected to maintain speed 
  • Consolidated Output: Output is consolidated and saved as a .zip file for easy delivery or processing and analysis in Magnet AXIOM & Magnet AXIOM Cyber 
  • Data Integrity: An embedded hash value is provided to verify the integrity of the data 

Download Magnet RESPONSE 

Magnet RESPONSE is free for members of the forensics community. Submit your information in the form to request your copy today. 

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