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Magnet DumpIt for Windows

DumpIt is a fast memory acquisition tool for Windows (x86, x64, ARM64). Generate full memory crash dumps of Windows machines.  

Magnet DumpIt for Windows: What does it do?

Memory analysis (sometimes referred to as memory forensics) is a key part of the Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) process for analyzing malware and exploits, but also for troubleshooting issues. ​ 
MAGNET DumpIt for Windows (created by Comae Technologies and acquired by Magnet Forensics in 2022) generates full memory crash dumps that are interoperable with multiple analysis tools and products such as WinDbg, Comae Platform.  

Key Features & Benefits 

  • Easy to Deploy:​ No pre-installed agent is required. Machine states can be collected via DumpIt and its PowerShell interface to provide your organization with more flexibility.​
  • Super Fast: Every minute counts when investigating a security incident. Since its initial release 10 years ago, DumpIt has been known for its super fast speed of memory acquisition. 
  • No BSOD: Generate full memory Microsoft crash dumps on the fly without having to trigger a “Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)” 

Looking for DumpIt for Linux? Visit the Magnet Forensics GitHub to download the Linux version of this tool. 

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