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Magnet Shield

Empower frontline officers to collect and report on fleeting digital evidence

Maintain privacy and build trust with the public while capturing crucial but fleeting digital evidence from consenting victims and witnesses.

Magnet SHIELD Key Features:

  • SIMPLE EVIDENCE COLLECTION: Quickly get photo, video, and chat evidence with an external or internal camera or by connecting to the victim or witness’s mobile phone, or memory card.
  • ALLOW WITNESSES TO SHARE: Build trust and maintain privacy with victims and witnesses by letting them select the photos, videos and chats they want to share.
  • PRESERVE FLEETING EVIDENCE: Increase your chances to get victims and witnesses to consent to sharing evidence right at the scene instead of relying on them to hand over their phone.
  • REDUCE LAB TIME: Nobody wants to see devices sit in a queue. Reduce backlogs by removing the need to send a device for a simple extraction and capture only what is needed for your case.

Secure Collaboration

Share with quick and easy reporting: SHIELD automatically produces a standardized PDF report on all digital evidence collected from the field. Officers can quickly email the evidence report to prosecutors or upload both the evidence and report into their RMS or digital evidence repository. Read our FAQ on Magnet SHIELD to learn more!

System Requirements

  • Windows 10 OS
  • Minimum 4GB RAM
  • Minimum 64GB free space
  • In-built or USB camera (for taking scene photos/videos/interviews)

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