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Web Page Saver (WPS): What does it do?

Web Page Saver (WPS) takes a list of URLs and saves scrolling captures (“snapshots”) of each page. With WPS, URLs can be typed in manually or imported from a text file or CSV file. WPS produces an easy-to-navigate HTML report file containing the saved pages, with customizable options (such as including an agency crest/logo and title for the report).

This digital forensic tool is perfect for capturing how web pages look at a specific point in time. This is especially useful in situations where the web pages need to be displayed in an environment where Internet access is not available (such as a court room).


WPS has been tested on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. It will not currently run on Windows 2000, 9x and prior. Disk and memory requirements are minimal (if you can run Windows XP you can run WPS). WPS requires an Internet connection, but the report generated can be viewed without any Internet connectivity.

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