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Magnet Apple Warrant Return Assistant

The Magnet Apple Warrant Return Assistant is a solution to download and prepare Apple warrant return data for processing in just a few clicks.

MAGNET Apple Warrant Return Assistant: What does it do?

The MAGNET Apple Warrant Return Assistant makes it simple to download and organize files from an Apple warrant return package in one easy to process .zip file.

The assistant is a one-click solution for Apple warrant returns, allowing you to download, decrypt, and decompress all the individual files with one simple action. Save time and manual effort by allowing the assistant to create a single .zip file for you to process.

Once you have the data from the warrant return, take advantage of dedicated iCloud artifacts in Magnet AXIOM to uncover critical evidence.

Key Features

  • Download all Apple warrant return files with just a few clicks
  • Allow all files to download in the background
  • Collect all files in one easy-to-process .zip file
  • Analyze the data with dedicated iCloud artifacts with Magnet AXIOM

Windows 7 or higher required.

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