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Customize Your Exports with Magnet AXIOM

Magnet AXIOM 4.0 introduced powerful new ways to customize and streamline your reports and exports, including new artifact export functionality to give you the flexibility to choose exactly which artifacts and columns to report on, and the ability to create export templates to allow for faster exporting on each case you work!

Since then, we’ve added several new great exporting features to help you better control how your exports are generated, communicate important details on your findings, and customize your reports based on the needs of the case and your stakeholders.

Improved Control Over Your Exports

Sometimes when exporting ZIP files, it’s useful to utilize a flat file structure from your point of export so that you don’t have to look through preceding folders to find the evidence you’re looking for. Other times, leaving the full folder structure intact is best if you’re looking to continue working with the export on other systems. Now, when exporting ZIP files from the File System view in AXIOM using the “save file/folder to zip” option, you can easily choose which is right for you!

Export options

Review Categorized Media by Source

AXIOM’s Media Categorization Summary provides a quick reference of the pictures and video evidence you’ve categorized. This summary now also includes a section that summarizes the media found in the case per evidence source, so in situations where multiple media evidence items might be located across different sources, you can now easily see what media was found where!

Evidence Source Summary

Easily Collaborate with Stakeholders

Depending on the case and stakeholder needs, you may or may not wish to include all the available evidence summaries in your reports – some information may be deemed too sensitive or simply unnecessary for certain audiences.

In the new exporting framework for exports and templates in 4.4, AXIOM now lets you choose which evidence summaries to include in your HTML and PDF reports, allowing your to better tailor your reporting for your stakeholders’ needs.

Even better, you can also use this feature on an ad-hoc basis or save your summary preferences as part of any export template for even more efficient workflows!

Evidence summaries in HTML and PDF.

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