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AXIOM Cyber 6.4: New Email Evidence Sources and Faster Timelines

We are thrilled to announce the release of AXIOM Cyber 6.4. This release adds more filtering capabilities and evidence sources to Email Explorer, as well as performance improvements to key AXIOM Cyber features to help you work through your cases efficiently.

We are also introducing a beta for AXIOM Cyber, Hash Sets Manager, which allows you to manage and standardize the hash sets available in AXIOM Cyber across your team.

You can upgrade to the latest version within AXIOM Cyber or over at the Customer Portal.  

And if you haven’t tried AXIOM Cyber yet, request a free trial here.   

More Updates to Email Explorer

In AXIOM Cyber 6.4, we have continued to build on our popular Email Explorer–adding the ability to filter messages based on the sender and recipient, or if a message has already been tagged as evidence by another member of your team. This release also adds new cloud evidence sources to expand the applications of Email Explorer to even more organizations, with support for Gmail, IMAP/POP and Outlook.

Email Explorer presents messages similarly to how the sender and recipient would have originally viewed them, providing important context that may otherwise be missed. Much like a native email platform, Email Explorer provides several filters and search capabilities to narrow in on specific message times or themes to help manage the volume of data.

To see Email Explorer in action, check out our blog post from the recent 6.2 release.

Faster Performance for Timeline and OCR Scanning

To help speed up the review and processing of evidence we have also made some big improvements to Timeline performance. With the large number of artifacts included in many cases, we wanted to make sure that Timeline views are responsive when applying searches and filters to focus on case-relevant artifacts. Based on our internal testing the improvements to Timeline performance in AXIOM 6.4 are:  

  • Average for Date filter: 83% faster 
  • Average for Global search: 78% faster 
  • Average for Timeline category: 87% faster 

We have also improved the speed of optical character recognition (OCR) scanning of pictures during initial case processing by 40% – which can add up to a big-time savings for investigations that involve a large amount of picture-based evidence like eDiscovery.

Announcing Hash Sets Manager Beta

Maintaining up-to-date hash sets can be a painful process, especially for those operating in offline labs. The beta for Hash Sets Manager provides a central database so you can automatically manage hash set distribution to instances of AXIOM Cyber in your lab. With Hash Sets Manager you can upload custom hash sets based on your IT department’s gold build to help pare down the data in a case.

To learn more about Hash Sets Manager or to sign up for the Beta via the Magnet Idea Lab check out our blog post: Standardize your Team’s Hash Sets Database with Hash Set Manager.

New and Updated Artifacts  

As with all releases of AXIOM Cyber, there is also support for several new and updated artifacts to help keep your investigations current with the latest corporate apps and services developments, including:

New Artifacts 

  • Privacy Dashboard // Android 
  • Samsung Story Service // Android 

Updated Artifacts 

  • AirDrop
  • Available Recipients 
  • Background Activity 
  • Discoverability 
  • Incoming Transfers 
  • Outgoing Transfers 
  • USB Connection History  
  • AMR Files 
  • Android Messages 
  • Android WeChat Friends 
  • Android WeChat Messages 
  • Facebook Messenger Messages  
  • Identifiers – People 
  • MBOX
  • USB Connection History  
  • Windows Event Logs

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