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3 Reasons to Vote Magnet Forensics for Forensic 4:cast Digital Forensic Organization of the Year

This month, we’re looking at a few of the reasons why we think you continue (thank you!!) to nominate Magnet AXIOM and IEF year after year for Forensic 4:cast Computer Forensic Software and Phone Forensic Software of the Year Awards.

We really do strive to make tools that you see as a necessity in your labs, which is why it means so much for us to have been nominated for Digital Forensic Organization of the Year for three years running (and to have taken home the award last year). We so appreciate your consistent validation of our team’s hard work, especially with this year’s nomination coming on the heels of the launch of AXIOM 2.0!

We wanted to take some time to recognize the 3 things our customers notice (and tell us) about why they nominate us for these awards year after year (and you can submit your votes here):

1. The “Magnet Way” Drives All of Our Decision-Making

Several of our customers have talked about the “Magnet Way” we have of doing business. Our values underpin everything we do: customer service that treats callers with the utmost respect, products priced for the most budget-conscious organizations, features that solve actual problems rather than complicate your workflow, training that delivers the skills you need most.

We believe in leaving no customer behind, regardless of their “dollar value” to our organization. Everyone has value to Magnet Forensics—not just our customers, but also the people you serve in your communities and organizations. We believe in earned loyalty; not forcing you to choose our tool because it’s the only one, but instead, making it easy for you to choose. Most of all, we want to make the difficult job of finding truth and bringing justice easier and more sustainable.

2. We Partner “For Purpose”

In describing our partnership with the Child Rescue Coalition, we thought the distinction between “nonprofit” and “for profit” to be rather stark—because ultimately, while we measure our success by profit, our values drive our mission as a “for purpose” organization.

That’s partly why this past year we introduced the Magnet Community Award—to make sure we recognize your ongoing efforts in the space. It’s also the reason why we’ve raised funds for the Child Witness Centre of Waterloo Region as well as the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, joined dedicated organizations as active participants in the fight against child exploitation, and why our Founder and CTO Jad Saliba has participated in an Operation Underground Railroad mission.

In addition to supporting the organizations whose missions align with our own, we also form value-added partnerships with other vendors. No one tool can possibly do everything, and our integrations with Griffeye, Passware, and (soon) the CRC’s Child Protection System are designed to make your job easier—not just giving you access to more data, but also creating streamlined workflows to help you make sense of it.

3. We Want to Help You Build Your Forensic Expertise

What sort of “for purpose” organization would we be if we celebrated your efforts without offering the resources you need to thrive professionally? The field of digital forensics isn’t slowing down anytime soon, so neither are we. Rather than react to industry trends, we anticipate what’s coming next—and then we share.

We’re committed to hiring the field’s most outstanding trainers to deliver the world-class training content you need to work most effectively. Through the content we offer at our industry conference sponsorships, our webinars, our white papers, and our blog, we also endeavor to give you the most updated, relevant industry resources you need to acquire, analyze, and interpret the data you encounter. And we want to give you a way to share what you learn with other examiners—that’s why we created the Magnet Artifact Exchange.

Finally, we also understand that not everyone can afford to take advantage of all we have to offer. Our Scholarship Program gives promising, non-technical personnel an opportunity to get a head start in digital investigations. Read more about it here (and be sure to submit your nominations)!

We’re extremely proud of the work our outstanding team does at Magnet Forensics. Just being nominated for these awards means that our hard work is acknowledged and appreciated. Thank you again for your nominations—please be sure to cast your votes if you haven’t already!

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