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Magnet AXIOM 2.0 Is Here to Give You A Better Investigative Starting Point

Magnet Forensics is proud to unveil Magnet AXIOM 2.0 — the fastest and most advanced version of AXIOM yet. With AXIOM 2.0, we’re not only giving you a way to acquire, analyze, and report on evidence from the most sources, we’re giving users a better way to see the data and to jump right into the evidence. Read more about the newest exciting features below, watch an quick video from our VP of Product Management, Geoff MacGillivray and watch this overview of what’s included in this great new release:

Current AXIOM users can download AXIOM 2.0 right now either in-app or in the Customer Portal. If you want to try Magnet AXIOM 2.0 for yourself, request a trial.

Introducing AXIOM Case Dashboard

When you start up AXIOM 2.0, the first thing you’ll notice is the new AXIOM Case Dashboard. This dashboard gives you the high-level details of your investigation, the evidence sources, and an overview of the digital evidence.

Instead of being dropped into the evidence and trying finding your way around, we’ve made it easier than ever to find a place to start and jump right to your areas of interest — whether it’s keyword matches, chats, pictures, or evidence that was already tagged by other examiners or by Magnet.AI.

Read more about Case Dashboard.

An Expanded Magnet.AI Module

In Magnet AXIOM 1.1, the Magnet.AI module was introduced — an industry-first feature that automatically detected suspected child luring in chat conversations, and gave examiners a quick view of potential evidence.

The Magnet.AI module has been enhanced in AXIOM 2.0. Going beyond identifying child luring conversations in chats, Magnet.AI now automatically flags potential CE, pornography, weapon, drugs and nudity images. It also reviews text-based evidence to uncover potential sexual conversations. By automatically detecting these key pieces of evidence from an overwhelming amount of possibilities, you’ll see a significant time savings from the reduced amount of data you need to review.

Read more about Magnet.AI.

Memory Analysis with Volatility Integration

Magnet AXIOM 2.0 now comes with Volatility fully integrated, so you can conduct in-depth memory analysis without needing to jump back and forth between programs. AXIOM 2.0 also allows examiners to utilize memory artifacts instead of command line prompts and run multiple instances of Volatility concurrently, simplifying and expediting your memory analysis.

“We developed Volatility to encourage collaboration, innovation, and accessibility within the exciting field of memory analysis”, said AAron Walters, President of the Volatility Foundation. “Volatility’s integration into Magnet’s AXIOM emphasizes the vital role that memory analysis plays in modern investigations and the importance of open source contributions to the forensics community. We appreciate Magnet’s support and their desire to make these skills more accessible to a broader mix of forensics examiners.”

Read more about the integration of Volatility in AXIOM 2.0.

Recovery of Data from Locked iOS & Android Devices

As security on smartphones increases, it’s becoming even more of a challenge to recover evidence from locked devices. With AXIOM 2.0, you can now easily ingest GrayKey images (from Grayshift) and review evidence from locked iOS devices. Simply load the GrayKey image, point AXIOM at the zip files, pick the artifacts you want to examine and scan. We’ve made the process much easier than the complex ‘tool-chain’ setup to ingest GrayKey images you’d see in other solutions, all while finding evidence that can be missed in those solutions.

You can also bypass passwords and recover full physical images on Motorola Android devices in addition to the Samsung and LG devices that were previously supported.

Continued Performance Improvements

Of course, we’re always working to make AXIOM perform faster, smoother, and more extensively than ever before. As our Founder & CTO, Jad Saliba showcased in his recent blog, AXIOM is not only faster than ever, it’s faster than IEF — while doing so much more, like Connections, which automatically shows the relationship between people, actions, and evidence.

If you’re already using AXIOM, download AXIOM 2.0 over at the Customer Portal. If you want to see how AXIOM 2.0 can give you a better investigative starting point, request a free 30-day trial  or schedule a demo today!

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