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Who’s got Full Disk Decryption? Magnet Forensics Does

Passware FDD

Magnet Forensics has joined forces with Passware to provide full disk decryption (FDD) to our customers. 

Coming soon – Forensics examiners will be able to analyze content from drives running encryption software like BitLocker, TrueCrypt, and PGP in Magnet AXIOM. AXIOM is growing like a weed this year and the addition of full disk decryption answers a direct request from many of our customers. 

We knew we wanted to provide full disk decryption capabilities, and it made perfect sense to work with the outstanding team at Passware to leverage their expertise in this area and integrate some of their technology into ours.  

Free Integration of Passware

Passware Kit Forensic is a complete encrypted electronic evidence discovery solution from Passware. AXIOM now includes Passware decryption technology at no additional cost to the customer. There are no hidden fees here. There are other encryption technologies that Passware sells that are above and beyond the cost of AXIOM, but our implementation of FDD is included. 

And this is only the beginning! We are continuing to work with Passware to integrate more FDD technology into AXIOM and increase support for popular encryption tools. 

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