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The Magnet Artifact Exchange is Coming Soon

Today at our first 2017 Magnet User Summit in London, we announced our upcoming Magnet Artifact Exchange. We are building a community for our customers to share their work with each other.

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Magnet AXIOM has always included support for custom artifacts – allowing customers to build XML artifacts and integrate them into their cases in AXIOM. By popular demand, customers can also build Python* artifacts as well.

With the growing number of apps available to people (over 5 million at last count, according to online statistics portal Statista), and the variety of versions and platforms of each app that might be available, keeping up with native support is nearly impossible. For our engineers, this is especially true, as our artifact support typically pulls back deep data that goes beyond what would be traditionally pulled and our engineers work to  maintain fast performance for each artifact added

We hope that the Magnet Artifact Exchange will become a place for people to create new artifacts for the community, and to leverage the work they have done for other platforms, by porting their artifacts quickly and easily using Python or XML.

We know how highly peer helping and collaboration is valued in digital forensics. The exchange makes it easy for people to create and upload artifacts, or to download artifacts created by others. Having this community will allow our customers to help each other as they work on cases. And of course, we encourage people to take the work they do on artifacts for AXIOM and share them out with other communities!

Some relevant Artifact Exchange questions:

Q1. When is the Artifact Exchange launching?

A.  Soon. We anticipate launch within the next few weeks. But, customers can start building new artifacts, or porting existing ones, and have them ready to upload on launch day.

Q2. Are the artifacts in the  Artifact Exchange only for AXIOM?

A.  Yes and No. An artifact created using our API will only work in AXIOM, however, any work you do is yours and we would always encourage our customers to port and share out their artifacts everywhere they can to make sure that all examiners can have access to the artifact and get the best results, regardless of the tool they are using.

Q3. Why is this only for AXIOM users? I don’t use AXIOM, but I would like to submit artifacts I know would be useful.

A.  The ability to implement and use Custom Artifacts is a feature of Magnet AXIOM. We know that our community likes to share, but their work is important, so even though Custom Artifacts can be built in Python or XML (both public languages), we are hosting the exchange in our gated Customer Portal to protect everyone’s work and give the community a safe way to share. This means that only Magnet Forensics customers can upload and download artifacts.

Q4. Do you only want new artifacts?

A.  We want artifacts that are not natively supported in AXIOM in the Artifact Exchange, so “new to us.” However, we encourage people to leverage their previous work on artifacts and to port that work to AXIOM and then upload it to the Artifact Exchange.

Q5. Does Magnet Forensics own any of the customer’s work on a Custom Artifact?

A.  No – the work done is owned by the customer who built it. All that Magnet does is maintain the API and facilitate a common repository for this work to be promoted to other customers who may benefit from it.

Q6. Will there be any cost to use artifacts from the Artifact Exchange? Or will Magnet be paying for artifacts?

A.  No and no. Any AXIOM customer can access the Artifact Exchange to upload or download artifacts. We will not be paying for artifacts. We see this as a long-term community that encourages sharing and peer relationships ?.

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