Graykey supports full access for Google Pixel Series 6 and 8

Continuing to add to the Android support for Magnet GRAYKEY, we are thrilled to announce the addition of Google Pixel series 6 and 8 to our list of supported mobile devices, which includes the Pixel 6a and Pro models in this series. With this key addition to our Android coverage, we are helping to ensure you have the tools necessary to access and examine the mobile devices you encounter during your criminal investigations.

Announcing Magnet GRAYKEY Fastrak – Scale Up Your Mobile Data Collection

Mobile smartphones have become engrained in our daily lives, so when someone commits a crime, mobile data is almost always a critical source of evidence. Magnet GRAYKEY provides the ability to quickly extract encrypted or inaccessible data from mobile devices on locked iOS and leading Android devices. However, most criminal investigations typically include multiple mobile devices, and it takes time to access and extract the data from each device to determine what truly happened.