New in Magnet AUTOMATE 3.0: Warrant Return Processing, Device Platform Autodetection, and more

We’re proud to announce the availability of Magnet AUTOMATE 3.0! As part of the Magnet Digital Investigation Suite, AUTOMATE 3.0 was designed to help you maximize the efficiency of you your agency’s existing forensics lab toolkit and IT investments to reduce time to evidence for your digital investigations.  With the latest version of Magnet AUTOMATE, we’re excited to introduce a number of powerful new source integrations and tools … Continued

Coming Soon in Magnet REVIEW 4.0: New Device Dashboard, Customizable Artifact Views, Chat Thread Previews, and More

We’re very excited to share a preview of some of the great new features coming soon in Magnet REVIEW 4.0 — helping you accelerate digital evidence review by enabling secure agency-wide collaboration from anywhere, anytime. As part of the Magnet Digital Investigation Suite, REVIEW was specifically designed to address the needs of non-technical users, helping … Continued

See What’s New in the Magnet Digital Investigation Suite

The Magnet Digital Investigation Suite (MDIS) helps you to transform your digital investigations to increase efficiency, leverage powerful analytics, and collaborate agency-wide, all while enabling you to operate securely and transparently to reduce risk. We’re excited to share the latest new features we’re introducing across the Suite, including major new versions of both Magnet ATLAS … Continued