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Magnet REVIEW 3.7: Review Evidence from Physical Analyzer, Single Sign-On Support, and More!

We’re proud to announce the availability of Magnet REVIEW 3.7! 

Magnet REVIEW helps you accelerate digital evidence review by enabling secure agency-wide collaboration from anywhere, anytime. 

As part of the Magnet Digital Investigation Suite, REVIEW was designed to help you maximize your agency’s existing forensics lab toolkit and IT investments to drive efficiency across your digital investigations. 

With the latest version of Magnet REVIEW, we’re introducing new features to help you integrate with more of your agency’s tools and infrastructure so you can complete your digital investigations more efficiently, effectively, and securely.   

Review Evidence from Cellebrite Physical Analyzer  

An evidence review solution that only works with one of the tools in your agency’s forensic toolkit can limit its value, because you’ll still need to review evidence generated from your other tools, each with different user interfaces. This can create confusion for your reviewers, as they’ll need to be able to interpret evidence in unique ways for each tool. And without an effective means to view all your case evidence from different sources together in a single tool, your reviewers might only be seeing part of the story. 

With REVIEW, you can import evidence from AXIOM and other digital forensic tools to help you streamline evidence review so your investigators and other stakeholders can review all your digital evidence together, all in one platform.  

Now, with REVIEW 3.7, we’ve extended that toolkit integration to include ingestion of Cellebrite Physical Analyzer data! You can now export xml files from Physical Analyzer into REVIEW and combine it with evidence from other tools like Magnet AXIOM and MSAB XRY to help you get a complete picture of your case evidence in one platform. 

When viewing Physical Analyzer evidence in REVIEW, your investigators and other agency collaborators will be able to take advantage of REVIEW’s intuitive interface and features like chat threading, and picture and video previews to easily search and filter evidence and quickly find what matters. They’ll also be able to tag and add comments that other reviewers will immediately see so they can work together to solve cases faster. 

Enable Single Sign-On with Agency Credentials 

REVIEW also helps you to maintain control over which reviewers have access to what evidence and when to reduce risk to your agency, with flexible role-based access controls based on different user needs so admins can easily manage permissions for each case individually. 

Now, with REVIEW 3.7, we’re making it even easier to manage access to evidence review – for both your admins and reviewers – by enabling Single Sign-On support!  

REVIEW can now leverage credentials from any identity provider that’s SAML or OpenID connect compliant, including Active Directory and other LDAP identity management systems. Admins can easily assign reviewer permissions individually or via groups based on their role and requirements. Support for multifactor authentication with apps like MS Authenticator is also included, so you can add another layer of access control to ensure the security of your systems. 

Single Sign-On also facilitates access for your reviewers, as they won’t have to remember another unique set of credentials for REVIEW. 

Other New Features in REVIEW 3.7 

We’ve also added two other new features to help you leverage your existing IT investments and ensure the integrity of your data: 

  • NFS Storage Appliance Support: Integrate with your existing NFS-compatible storage appliances  
  • Support for Automated Backups: When deployed in Microsoft Azure, REVIEW can now automatically backup important case data like artifact information, tags, and comments 

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