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Process Evidence up to 50% Faster* with AXIOM and AXIOM Cyber 5.0

We’re maintaining focus on reducing examiner time to evidence, so we’re excited to announce that we’ve made some significant improvements to processing time in AXIOM and AXIOM Cyber, which are part of the larger puzzle of mitigating data backlogs. And, any time that can be saved processing any byte of data is a win! 

Processing a byte for byte search of a drive is time intensive, but we’re reducing that processing time with AXIOM 5.0.  

You can upgrade to AXIOM & AXIOM Cyber 5.0 in-product or over at the Customer Portal.   

By the Numbers  

With AXIOM and AXIOM Cyber 5.0, we’ve improved AXIOM’s carving engine, which has reduced processing times over AXIOM 4.11 by up to 50% depending on the specifications of your forensic workstation and the image.*  

To ensure we are providing meaningful insights into the processing speed improvements, we ran tests on two separate workstations with different specs. Overall, the processing of Mac images saw the most drastic improvement, boasting an impressive 50% improvement while processing on the 8-core system.   

See more in this downloadable infographic.

Mobile images overall saw the most consistent improvement of ~30% regardless of the system used to process the images. The processing of Windows images saw a significant boost of ~29% when processed on the 8-core setup, while the 40-core system saw a 12% processing speed improvement over AXIOM and AXIOM Cyber 4.11 and a 12% improvement is a significant boost to the volume of data processed in a lab, especially over the course of a year.  

ROI typically refers to return on investment, and while that holds true here in a sense (at least as it relates to your time investment), the best way to maximize the returns here is to maximize the benefits of faster processing. Each forensic workstation has a maximum of 8760 hours/year to process data if the station were dedicated to just processing. Magnet AUTOMATE allows labs to set up processing nodes to optimize their workstations to maximize the benefits precisely of these types of performance improvements.  

Saving 12% in processing time could save up to 1051 hours or processing time per year with an AUTOMATE agent node running the processing command line interface (CLI) 24/7. That’s a lot more data processed. That’s a lot more evidence analyzed. And, that’s a lot more cases addressed.   

Check out the most recent AUTOMATE release blog here to learn more. 

Process More, Faster with AXIOM 5.0 

Now you can process more data than ever before with AXIOM 5.0 and when combined with the broader suite of tools, the returns on processing improvement can be realized to optimize data processing. Process more data, faster with AXIOM 5.0 and the Magnet Digital Investigation Suite.   

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