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Performance Improvements in Magnet AXIOM 2.5: By the Numbers

With the release of Magnet AXIOM 2.5, we’ve really focused on how we can make AXIOM work better. We’ve gone through every step of the examination process to find ways to make it faster and smoother because we know how valuable time is in an investigation and how frustrating any delays can be.

In this infographic, we’ll show you some of the ways we’ve improved both the processing and examine portions of AXIOM — including how much time you can expect to save on standard processes. These stats came from a real case with 2.7 million pieces of evidence on a forensics grade workstation.

Download the infographic in PDF format here.

Magnet AXIOM 2.5 Infographic

As you can see, we’ve found ways to bring tasks within AXIOM Process and AXIOM Examine down by possibly hours. We’ve still got more updates coming down the pipeline, so keep an eye out for future release — read more about AXIOM 2.5 here.

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