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New in AXIOM Cyber 5.1: Get More Data from the Cloud, Email, and Chromebooks

The latest version of Magnet AXIOM Cyber, 5.1, is now available! 

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Getting to the data that you need can be a challenge, it’s seemingly everywhere nowadays. With AXIOM Cyber 5.1, we’re giving you even more functionality to acquire from as many data sources as possible including social media, email attachments, Chromebooks, and more. 

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OCR for Email Attachments 

Email attachments can be a treasure-trove of data for many different kinds of investigations. Malicious attacks such as ransomware will often leverage an attachment in an email to deliver its payload and gain entry into an organization’s network. Insider threats—IP theft or fraud for example—is another one that may rely heavily on data from email attachments. 

Regardless of the case type, it’s crucial to get to the data that you need as quick as possible and make the necessary connections to get to the bottom of your case. 

AXIOM Cyber is making it even easier and faster for you to get to evidence by applying OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to PDF and picture files that are attached to emails. Attachments scanned using OCR will extract text that can used for keyword searching enabling you to more quickly get to the evidence you need. 

Acquire Public-Facing Data from Facebook 

Data from social media can provide insight into an employee’s online presence. Whether you’re dealing with an HR investigation or trying to preserve comments or posts that an employee has made on social media, public-facing data from Facebook can help round out your investigation. 

Using any Facebook username and password an examiner can authenticate to Facebook and acquire public-facing data from Facebook including: 

  • Friends list 
  • Public-facing posts 
  • Public-facing comments & replies 

And keep an eye out for version 5.2 where we’ll be continuing to add support for acquiring even more public-facing data from Facebook. 

Our Forensic Consultant, Kim Bradley (who you may know from one of your Magnet training courses), wrote this blog post that walks you through how to do it: Acquiring Publicly Available Facebook Information

Dedicated Chromebook Processing Workflow 

There may be a small handful of employees in your organization that have the need to use Chromebooks, and if that’s the case, then data from those devices can often be elusive and imperative to move an investigation forward.  

Building on earlier support for over 25 Chromebook artifacts, AXIOM Cyber now has a new dedicated processing workflow to ingest Chromebook logical images. 

Need a quick free tool to acquire from Chromebooks? Check out MAGNET Chromebook Acquisition Assistant

Cut Through the Noise with Magnet.AI 

When you’re dealing with an investigation that involves pictures, for example an HR employee misconduct claim, applying Magnet.AI to your case is a good idea to automatically classify media saving you time. However oftentimes, pictures that are completely immaterial to your case—such as system icons or graphics—will get classified by Magnet.AI creating clutter or unwanted noise. 

A new picture classifier in Magnet.AI helps you identify immaterial media such as system icons & graphics. Now you can tag immaterial media files to filter them out of your case file so you can focus on the evidence that matters. 

Based on internal testing using one real dataset, we found this feature reduced the number of media items for review from 600K+ to under 300K+ items. 

To help walk you through this new feature, Forensic Consultant Trey Amick has put together this how-to video, Investigate Media More Efficiently with Smarter Tools: From Magnet.AI to OCR, to show you how you can save time with this new feature. 

Mac Artifact: CUPS 

CUPS is an open source printing system developed by Apple that allows macOS devices to connect to printers on a network including cash drawers. This artifact may be especially useful for investigations involving POS systems or employees who are handling cash transactions; as well as more generally when you need more data about print jobs sent from a Mac. 

Learn more about the CUPS artifact in this blog, CUPS Artifact Support for macOS, post authored by one of our Trainers, Chris Vance. 

New Artifacts 

  • CUPS // macOS
  • PowerLog // iOS
  • Wickr Contacts // Android, iOS & Windows
  • Wickr Rooms // Android, iOS & Windows
  • FLV Videos // All supported platforms

Updated Artifacts

  • Cake
  • Chrome
  • Grindr
  • iMessage/SMS/MMS
  • Photos Media Info
  • Signal
  • Slack
  • Snapchat
  • Telegram
  • TextNow
  • Tinder
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter
  • Uber
  • VK
  • Wickr

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