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Magnet AXIOM’s Custom Artifacts Now Supports Python Development

New Magnet AXIOM Version Available

Magnet AXIOM 1.1.1 is now available with the ability to create Custom Artifacts using Python — adding a new programming language to Custom Artifacts, in addition to previous support for XML.

Offering support for Python, as well as XML, gives examiners at every level more options when building their own Custom Artifacts. XML is a great tool for non-technical or beginner users, while Python development is suited to someone with a bit more development experience.

Both development environments allow examiners to build artifacts that will recover data from across an app – messaging, location, browser interactions, etc.

The Custom Artifacts feature in AXIOM makes it easy to seamlessly integrate custom-made artifacts into any AXIOM case.

Once a Custom Artifact has been built, examiners can now choose to share their work on our new Artifact Exchange! (Read our blog post about the Artifact Exchange.)

The Artifact Exchange

Additional Features in AXIOM 1.1.1

In addition to our support for Python development, AXIOM users will benefit from some other updates in our latest software version, Magnet AXIOM 1.1.1 including:

  • Searching 7-Zip Containers — AXIOM will now search 7-Zip files as backlog items. First AXIOM decompresses the files and then searches the contents for recoverable information
  • Filtering Conversations in Column View — Quickly move from a single chat message to filter for all other messages in that conversation

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