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Magnet AXIOM 1.2.4 Brings New Capabilities to Bypass Android Passwords

Update: An updated version of this release is now available as Magnet AXIOM 1.2.5.

Magnet AXIOM 1.2.4 is now available for customers to download in the Customer Portal. With the latest release of AXIOM, we’re bringing new capabilities to bypass Android passwords, full Cloud token integration, McAfee Decryption, and more.

Mobile Acquisition Improvements

With AXIOM 1.2.4, there are new capabilities to bypass Android passwords on LG and Samsung phones — giving you the ability to unlock devices and acquire smartphone data. Specifically:

  • LG — Bypass and Physical Extraction. On specific LG devices, you can bypass the password and extract a full physical acquisition.
  • Samsung — MTP Extraction. Extract pictures, videos, and files from the device and the SD card without a device password. This capability is critical for recovering data off encrypted SD cards and devices with USB debugging disabled.

AXIOM Cloud Enhancements

AXIOM Cloud now has full Cloud token integration. Cloud tokens are now represented as artifacts in Examine and can be used to acquire the cloud data with one click. When combined with our ability to extract cloud tokens from mobile devices, we’ve made it easier to acquire cloud evidence without relying on user credentials.

We’ve also added support for Instagram direct messages and Office 365 SharePoint pages (captured via URL.)

AXIOM Computer Disk Decryption

Corporate examiners can detect and decrypt McAfee encryption with a known password or recovery key — without user credentials.

Other Updates in AXIOM 1.2.4

In addition to new language support for users, we’ve also added additional support for .HEIC files. These proprietary photo files from Apple will now show up with previews, saving you time as you go through photo libraries.

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