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Get the year started right with Magnet Forensics Training 

From everyone on the Magnet Forensics Training team: Happy New Year! Our 2024 training schedule is now live, so this is a great time to start planning (and budgeting) for the development of your digital forensics skills in 2024. 

Here are some highlights of what’s new in Magnet Forensics training, including some great new courses in mobile and video forensics, Magnet Graykey certification, and more! 

New free course: Making a case (Portable Case)

This course is specifically designed to introduce stakeholders, such as investigators, attorneys, and subject matter experts, to the utilization and review of digital forensics case data provided in the form of a Magnet Forensics Portable Case. It aims to equip students with the necessary skills to navigate, search, filter, analyze artifacts, generate reports, and distribute findings using the Portable Case. 

In this free tutorial, available in numerous 20-minute-or-less modules, we’ll walk through how you and your team members can leverage Portable Case to collaborate on cases, play to each other’s strengths, and reduce turnaround time. 

Need an overview of Portable Case and situations you may need to utilize it in? Check out this overview blog.

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Optimize your mobile investigations at every step

Make 2024 the year that you master mobile investigations in every part of the process. We offer a series of courses that are designed for every skill level of the journey: 

A flowchart image showing which Magnet Forensics training courses law enforcement and corporate investigators should use.

AX150 – Core Mobile Acquisition & Analysis 

A beginner-level course that focuses on iOS and Android devices from the point of collection to the point of analysis whilst exploring Magnet Axiom and Magnet tools such as Magnet Acquire, the Magnet Custom Artifact Generator (MCAG) and Magnet Axiom Dynamic App Finder. 

GK200 – Magnet Graykey Examinations 

This course is an intermediate-level course for those who want to go deep into iOS examinations and the use of the Magnet Graykey device.  

AX220 – iOS Filesystem Analysis  

An intermediate-level two-day course for those who are seeking to expand their knowledge base into deep iOS file system examinations. 

AX300 – Magnet Axiom Advanced Mobile Forensics 

This expert-level course is designed for participants who are seeking to improve their mobile device investigations using Magnet Axiom and has been updated and redesigned.   

Unveiling Magnet Certified Graykey Examiner (MCGE) Certification

We’re also excited to share that upon completion of our Magnet Graykey Examinations (GK200) course, you can qualify to receive Magnet Certified Graykey Examiner certification! Find out all about how you can showcase your expert-level competence with MCGE certification here

Significant course updates

We’ve brought substantial updates to some of our courses, making this a perfect time to register. If you have attended any of these courses previously, you’ll definitely find it worth your time to take these new updated versions: 

GK200 – Magnet Graykey Examinations 

AX300 – Magnet Axiom Advanced Mobile Forensics 

AX310 – Magnet Axiom Incident Response  

AX320 – Magnet Axiom Internet & Cloud Investigations 

Become an expert on Magnet WITNESS

With the recent launch of Magnet Witness, Magnet DVR Examiner and video forensics has gone into a whole new level. With that in mind, we’ve updated our DV200 – Digital Video Investigations course to focus more on the capabilities of Witness and how it can help you in your investigations. 

Once you’ve completed DV200, you’ll be qualified to test for the Magnet Certified Video Examiner (MCVE) certification for free. Learn more about MCVE certification here

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