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DFIR Consultants: Apply to Test Out Project Turbo!

We’re excited to be able to offer our brand-new product, currently known as Project Turbo for beta testers in the Magnet Idea Lab.  

Triaging endpoints and preparing clients reports can be time consuming. Turbo is a cloud-based early case assessment tool that enables quick remote triage of a computer to uncover potential data exfiltration, uncover key artifacts for incident response cases and enable rapid identification of computers that require further investigation.  

Turbo has been built specifically based on feedback we have received from digital forensics professionals performing in a consultancy role. We’ve heard how difficult remote early case assessments are to complete because client visits are costly and site visits are challenge in the current conditions.  

If you’re a consultant that wants to shape the future of Turbo, head over to the Magnet Idea Lab to apply to participate today

A Time Sensitive Solution for the Urgent Need for Triage 

Consultants often need to obtain targeted information quickly so clients can determine if further assessment is needed on employee systems. Early Case Assessment should be fast and take significantly less time to review than traditional deep dive forensics and yet must be forensically sound to ensure the rationale to dig deeper is warranted.  

We understand the urgency consultants face to provide triage results to clients. The days of having a week or even 24 hours to provide an assessment are long gone.  There is a strong need to be able to quickly triage endpoints without requiring an on-site visit. Consultants have asked us for a method to triage, review and share results with clients without having to sort through a full collection.  

Magnet Idea Lab is a Space Dedicated to Solving Customer Problems 

Magnet Forensics itself started out with a similar mentality. Our Founder (and CTO), Jad Saliba, developed IEF as a way to address the real problems he faced as a law enforcement officer. Thanks to generous initial feedback from the community, he was truly able to turn it into a product that made a big difference in very important investigations. 

Now, our initial product offerings have expanded to solve the needs of corporate clients and consultants. The spirit of problem solving underpins everything we do at Magnet. Earlier this year, we launched the Magnet Idea Lab to create innovative products while involving customers directly and help address the problems they’re facing. 

Our initial beta testers have shared that Project Turbo has helped with the following use cases:  

  • Employee exits and outboarding  
  • Suspicious computer activity  
  • IT Policy compliance
  • Rapid review of incident response artifacts 

We would love to hear your feedback on this product to ensure we are building something that solves real problems, and to help you serve your clients faster and more efficiently. 

Apply now to the Magnet Idea Lab to access a free trial of Project Turbo.

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