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Delta Packs Let You Download AXIOM Updates Quickly

Initially released with Magnet AXIOM 2.3, forensic shops that air-gap their equipment can utilize delta packs when updating their equipment. Delta packs allow for quick downloads of only the changed portions to AXIOM’s code base, versus having to download the full installer of 2GB+ every month.

We know that examiners are busy, so we’re aiming to improve the overall update experience by reducing download and install times. Currently, when users use the Customer Portal to download installers, they are presented with a screen similar to what’s shown here:

Delta Pack Download

Based on your feedback, we’ve made what’s available clearer by updating our Software & Downloads page to highlight the full installer’s (versus just the delta pack) downloads, as seen here:


While a delta pack installer file will range in size depending on the content being updated in AXIOM, the file can be as small as 150MB, making a download much quicker than if a user downloads the 2GB+ full installer every month when AXIOM is updated. This is particularly helpful when network connections and bandwidth leave us waiting for downloads to finish like in the days of dial-up or DSL. 

If you have questions regarding AXIOM, please don’t hesitate to reach out at:

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