Comae Memory and Network Analysis: Beginning an Incident Investigation

A common scenario for SOC’s and IR teams is being handed a piece of evidence and being asked to “Find Evil.” Those on the receiving end know this to be a broad ask. If there is a known good image to compare things to, the process may be easier, but not all organizations have a gold build available for comparison.

Magnet REVIEW 5.3: Review All Your Evidence Together

We’re very excited to share some of the great new features in Magnet REVIEW 5.3—helping your investigators and other stakeholders to get to the digital evidence they need faster and easier by enabling secure agency-wide collaboration, anytime and from anywhere!

Announcing Magnet GRAYKEY Fastrak – Scale Up Your Mobile Data Collection

Mobile smartphones have become engrained in our daily lives, so when someone commits a crime, mobile data is almost always a critical source of evidence. Magnet GRAYKEY provides the ability to quickly extract encrypted or inaccessible data from mobile devices on locked iOS and leading Android devices. However, most criminal investigations typically include multiple mobile devices, and it takes time to access and extract the data from each device to determine what truly happened.

Responding at Scale with Magnet RESPONSE

Magnet RESPONSE is a free tool that lets investigators and non-technical users easily collect and preserve critical data relevant to incident response investigations from local endpoints.  A pre-set collection profile enables you to target a comprehensive set of files and data relevant to incident response investigations, including RAM.  

Deep Dive on Portable Case Part 2

In part one of our Portable Case series, we looked at the features and benefits of Portable Case. We highlighted the power of real-time collaboration with multiple stakeholders and having all the feedback collected in one place.