Responding at Scale with Magnet RESPONSE

Magnet RESPONSE is a free tool that lets investigators and non-technical users easily collect and preserve critical data relevant to incident response investigations from local endpoints.  A pre-set collection profile enables you to target a comprehensive set of files and data relevant to incident response investigations, including RAM.  

Deep Dive on Portable Case Part 2

In part one of our Portable Case series, we looked at the features and benefits of Portable Case. We highlighted the power of real-time collaboration with multiple stakeholders and having all the feedback collected in one place.

Deep Dive on Portable Case Part 1

One of the most essential parts of the forensic process is reporting what you find on a system. Often, the forensic examiner may only know part of the case. Not having the complete picture as a single examiner makes collaborating on findings essential to the reporting process. Magnet Forensics has built Portable Case, a feature of Magnet AXIOM and Magnet Cyber, to help foster that collaboration, make it more integrated, and allow that needed collaboration.

Case sharing and collaboration in Magnet Nexus

Responding to cyber security incidents often necessitates leveraging the experience of the broader team to ensure a quick and complete response. IGNITE now allows you to easily share and collaborate on cases within your organization, helping your team work together to reach a quick resolution.