New Features

Bring Full Disk Decryption into Your Workflow with Magnet AXIOM 1.1 Passware Integration

Passware FDDThanks to new advances we’ve brought into Magnet AXIOM 1.1, and our new integration with Passware, AXIOM now allow you to decrypt drives with a known password that have been encrypted with BitLocker & BitLocker To Go, TrueCrypt, and PGP Desktop WDE versions 9.x-10.x.

A Smoother Experience While Never Leaving AXIOM

We have worked hard to make the experience as smooth as possible. With other solutions, processing encrypted drives would usually require you to leave the program you are currently in, open Passware Kit Forensic, decrypt the file in that separate software, and start at the beginning again to re-process it in order to get the results you’re looking for.

With Magnet AXIOM 1.1, this whole process is now simply a step in the forensic examination. You no longer have to waste time by starting a whole other workflow to get the same results. By integrating Passware into AXIOM, we’re able to keep you within your current workflow, saving you time and creating a streamlined experience.

More to Come

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