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Magnet Free Tools – MAGNET Custom Artifact Generator, MAGNET Web Page Saver, and MAGNET Encrypted Disk Detector

We regularly have brought free tools to the community. Over the years, these tools include the MAGNET App Simulator, MAGNET RAM Capture, and Magnet ACQUIRE. Over the past few weeks we added to that toolkit by introducing MAGNET Custom Artifact Generator and updating both MAGNET Web Page Saver (WPS) and MAGNET Encrypted Disk Detector. Join Jad Saliba, and Jessica Hyde from Magnet along with iLEAPP/ALEAPP developer Alexis Brignoni as they dive into how these new and updated tools can aid in your investigations. We will show how the updated WPS allows you to capture web pages as well as imbedded images and videos of interest so that you can view them later or ingest them into Magnet AXIOM for analysis alongside your case.

We will also demonstrate how updates to MAGNET Encrypted Disk Detector allow you to quickly check for encrypted volumes on scene. Finally we will walk-through how the MAGNET Custom Artifact Generator allows you to create Custom Artifacts for delimited files (.csv, .tsv) and SQLite outputs. These Custom Artifacts will allow you to bring in data from tools such as Call Data Records, logs, unsupported warrant returns, and 3rd party tools like iLEAPP, ALEAPP, Volatility, KAPE, and more into your case for analysis along side your AXIOM parsed results. Please join us for this solution to learn how to leverage these free tools in your toolkit.


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