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Digital forensic labs are overwhelmed with an avalanche of data, which is only increasing in volume and complexity. Police agencies need to be able to handle this critical digital evidence for their investigations. We are re-imagining policing for the digital age with an integrated approach that maximizes people, processes and technology.

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Easier and More Reliable

Magnet Forensics creates solutions that simplify the recovery, analysis, reporting, and sharing of digital evidence from smartphones, computers, other connected devices, and the cloud. By utilizing automation and artificial intelligence, we’re letting technology do the heavy lifting, so officers and investigators can focus on keeping the community safe.

  • Protect Your Budget

    By automating repetitive tasks and empowering non-technical officers to review digital evidence, law enforcement can complete more investigations with their existing resources and reduce the need for overtime or outsourcing.

  • Eliminate Case Backlogs

    Complete up to six times more investigations per week. We maximize your IT investments and enable investigating officers to securely review digital evidence from when and where they need to.

  • Modernize Digital Evidence Management

    Officers in every part of the police force need to be equipped to handle digital evidence — whether they’re the first to respond, analyzing data in the digital forensics lab or submitting a final report to the prosecution.

  • End-to-End Solution

    We offer solutions that help in every step of the investigation – from evidence collection at the scene of the crime, to recovering data in the forensics lab, to reviewing evidence with investigators and for generating chain-of-custody reports.

Tools for Your Team

The Complete Digital Investigation Platform.

Recover digital evidence from the most sources, including smartphones, cloud services, computers, IoT devices and third-party images — making sure no evidence is missed.

  • Provides a better investigative starting point
  • Find key evidence quickly
  • Visualize connections between files, users, and devices

Magnet Forensics + Grayshift

We heard you loud and clear when you told us that investigations with critical evidence on an iPhone was a real pain-point. We recently announced a technology partnership with Grayshift—the makers of GrayKey—to address this head on. Learn more about how AXIOM’s integration of GrayKey can simplify the workflow of your iOS investigations.

“We use AXIOM in all of our digital forensic cases, whether it’s a mobile device or a computer. AXIOM pulls data and puts it together better than other digital forensic software out there.”

Tim Rhodes

Digital Forensic Examiner

Garfield County Sheriff's Office, Colorado, U.S.

Police Leaders:

We're Here to Help

As a company committed to helping modernize policing for the 21st century, we cannot innovate in a vacuum. We want to partner with police leaders, to understand your challenges and to develop solutions that empower your teams to manage critical digital evidence in investigations.

Reach out to us directly at policeleaders@magnetforensics.com. We’ll follow up as soon as possible with more information on how we can work together either with our current products or solutions coming down the line.


Magnet Forensics Scholarship Program

If you are currently performing a non-technical role and would like to explore future career opportunities in digital forensics, then this scholarship program is for you!