Forensic Examiners

The growth of digital evidence has been explosive posing many challenges for examiners. Magnet Forensics' solutions help you meet those challenges by letting you acquire, analyze, and report on evidence from the most sources and easily track and manage cases.

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Built for Speed, Accuracy, and Reliability

AXIOM enables you to work your cases thoroughly and accurately so you can quickly find the most relevant data and artifacts needed for an investigation.

  • Start with the Most Relevant Data

    Our artifacts-first approach allows investigative teams to start with the most relevant evidence in a clear, intuitive, and easy-to-navigate interface.

  • The Most Comprehensive View of the Evidence

    Get evidence from smartphones, computers and the cloud and seamlessly examine them all in the same case.

  • Produce Clear and Intuitive Reports

    Your results will need to be understood by investigators and defended by prosecutors. Generate reports that make that the truth easy to understand for all stakeholders.

  • Don't Rely On A Single Tool

    We know that examiners have multiple tools at their fingertips—we give you the flexibility you need in your casework by allowing you to work with third party image formats. Use our tools to find evidence that other solutions may have missed.

Tools For Forensic Examiners

The Complete Digital Investigation Platform.

Recover digital evidence from the most sources, including smartphones, cloud services, computers, IoT devices and third-party images — making sure no evidence is missed.

  • – Recover data from the most evidentiary sources

  • – Surface the most relevant evidence quickly

  • – Powerful and intuitive Analytics tools speed up investigations

Magnet Forensics + Grayshift

We heard you loud and clear when you told us that investigations with critical evidence on an iPhone was a real pain-point. We recently announced a technology partnership with Grayshift—the makers of GrayKey—to address this head on. Learn more about how AXIOM’s integration of GrayKey can simplify the workflow of your iOS investigations.

A case management solution that lets you manage, track and report on all aspects of your digital forensics investigation from evidence collection to court. 

  • – Manage and Track Cases
  • – Produce Chain of Custody Logs
  • – Generate real-time statistics
  • – Easily build reports for leadership 

“I find that AXIOM does everything I need it to in both cell phone and computer forensics. After running a competitive tool for smartphone forensics, I always follow up with AXIOM if the case involves social media or internet artifacts that are sometimes missed by the other tool. I find AXIOM will always get more data from these sources.”

Steve Ware

Computer Forensic Investigator

City of Redding