Officers are faced with increasingly complex investigations that include evidence from phones, computers, social networking apps, and more. They need solutions that can quickly and easily surface the evidence that matters to their case.

  • Metro Police
  • Australian Fed
  • Department Justice
  • RCMP
  • Homeland Security
  • Polotie

Act on Clear Evidence

In today’s world, digital evidence is key to closing cases. Investigators need this data to show prosecutors and juries what happened and if the suspect was responsible.

  • Work Investigations Faster

    Complete your investigations faster by surfacing the relevant picture, chat, location data, and browser history evidence to your case.

  • Review Evidence Anywhere

    Save hours of time, by reviewing digital evidence from your web browser instead of driving to the digital forensics lab.

  • Collaborate With Multiple Stakeholders

    Improve collaboration between your peers and examiners. Easily add comments, tag items, and share links while working together on a case.

  • Easily Present Evidence

    Easily generate reports that will resonate with non-technical stakeholders—like prosecutors and juries—by showing evidence in a familiar format.

Tools For Investigators

The Complete Digital Investigation Platform.

Recover digital evidence from the most sources, including smartphones, cloud services, computers, IoT devices and third-party images — making sure no evidence is missed.

  • – Recover data from the greatest number of evidentiary sources
  • – Surface the most relevant data quickly
  • – Powerful and intuitive features speed up investigations

Review Evidence from Anywhere.

With Magnet REVIEW, non-technical investigators can jump right into the digital evidence and examine it themselves—saving significant time and money for departments.

  • – Collect and document all your digital evidence into a single platform
  • – Non-technical users can analyze evidence from any web browser
  • – Store data in a centralized server with permission controls and audit logs

A case management solution that lets you manage, track and report on all aspects of your digital forensics investigation from evidence collection to court. 

  • – Manage and Track Cases
  • – Produce Chain of Custody Logs
  • – Generate real-time statistics
  • – Easily build reports for leadership 

“Before ATLAS administrators had to compile a spreadsheet manually. Commanders want to know how many homicides, crimes against children, property crimes, and other cases the Cyber Crimes Section assists with per month. After using ATLAS for about a year, it’s  working out great for us.”

Detective LT

Major Metropolitan US Police Department