Making Magnet OUTRIDER Bootable with Windows-To-Go

One of the common requests we get for Magnet OUTRIDER is for it to be on a bootable device, so that with powered off machines, you can boot into a secure environment to run the tool (and other tools like Magnet ACQUIRE). Because OUTRIDER is a Windows-based tool, we can’t prepackage it for you on … Continued

See How Magnet OUTRIDER Can Help You Find CSAM Faster

We’re proud to announce the availability of Magnet OUTRIDER —a new way to help you quickly find CSAM to prioritize or flag devices for additional examination. In addition to previewing material, OUTRIDER can help you by empowering Investigators on your team by quickly identifying apps on a suspect’s device and giving your team real-time intel … Continued

Clearing the Way with Magnet OUTRIDER

We’re proud to introduce Magnet OUTRIDER — a new and easy way for officers and investigators to check devices for digital contraband. OUTRIDER is an intuitive preview tool that quickly scans smartphones and computers to determine if there is illicit material present and to develop a risk profile of the target user. For a limited … Continued